Friday, May 6, 2016

May Small Goals

Hey friends! I'm so happy it's May. Summer is my season and the warmer weather means dresses without tights and eating on patios as much as possible. It's the perfect situation for me. I'll probably change my tune when it's gets really humid and hot but for now I want to be outside all the time. This month we are linking up with Nicole at Writes Like a Girl as always and sharing our small goals for the month.  Check out how we did in April and definitely let us know your small goals for May if you have them. 

Jen's April Small Goals

1. Continuation of clothing freeze.   Yup, I'm officially deleting this goal from my list. It apparently it just too big of a goal for me. And yea, it was another major fail mostly because we splurged for our anniversary. But outside our anniversary, I don't think I bought any other clothes so maybe kind of a win? Either way, this goal has go to go!
2. Read 1 Classic Novel.  Man, I read like 65% of Pride & Prejudice this month but just didn't have a chance to finish it with the big Raven Boys re-read.  As soon as I finish Sarah J. Maas new release, A Court of Mist and Fury, I plan on finish it up. 
3. Up workout from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.  Bam! Goal Accomplished with no exceptions even.  This goal was actually super easy for me to obtain since I joined the regular workouts this month and they were just naturally longer. But guys, I'm feeling so strong!

4. Finish stash busting quilt top.    I wouldn't call this goal a fail.  I worked A LOT on my stash busting quilt.  I finished up the blocks and sewed them into rows.  I cut out the sashing and now I need to sew all the rows together.  I definitely overshot this goal.  I should have made this goal: Finish squares for stash busting quilt because I would have rocked the shit out of that goal.

5. Disconnecting.   I did pretty well with this goal and it felt great to break that annoying habit of constantly checking my phone. In fact, I deleted the FB app from my homepage.  Not seeing it there helped tremendously in idle checking. I did notice since I tried to distance myself from my phone I took way less pictures this month which was super unintentional and something I'll have to work on next month.

I'm going to say I completed about 3/5 goals since I partially completed two.

Jen's May Small Goals

1.   Finish Pride & Prejudice.  For reals, as soon as I finish A Court of Mist & Fury I'm finishing Pride & Prejudice.
2.   Buy 2 Enamel Pins.  Yea, I'm totes obsessed with enamel pins and I want all the pins right now.  I'm going to try to add at least 2 to my collection this month. I realize this goes against my previous spending goals, but hey, I'm a girl, I don't have to make sense all the time.
3.   Finish Stash Busting Quilt Top.  I WILL finish this quilt top this month. That is all.
4.   No Outfit Repeats.  As you problem already know, my clothes are out of control and things don't get worn as evenly as I would like. I think we always get stuck in our favorite rotation.  I'm going to try to not repeat the same outfit twice this month.  It will be curious 
5.   Clean/Organize Bookshelf.  I seriously need to go through my bookshelf and do some serious library donations.  I typically buy mostly kindle books now so a lot of books on my shelf are super old and I'm over them. Of course, I'll save my favorites, such as Little House on the Prairie and Gossip Girl, but I'd like to do a big overhaul of my bookshelf.  Especially because Heather and I have a few bookish events coming up, including BookCon, and there will be plenty of new books that need homes.

Heather's April Small Goals

1. Start a new craft project  Done! I started crocheting some granny squares this month that will hopefully become a blanket and get rid of some of my yarn stash as well 

2. Get a massage Done. It was much needed and so good for both my mental and physical health. I think I might make this a monthly thing. 

3. Work out 4-5 times a week Not done. I still maintained my 3 days a week that I've been doing but hopefully in May I can kick it up to 4-5 days a week. 

4. Redo my monthly budget  Done! It felt so good to take a good look at my budget and work out exactly where my money needs to be spent each month. Sticking to it this month was another thing....
5. Blog post 3 times a week  Fail! I'm hoping to make this work in May. I took time off when I went to Colorado but I didn't plan ahead enough to have things scheduled while I was gone. 

3/5 completed. Not too bad! 

Heather's May Small Goals

1. Put $500 in savings  I've been borrowing a little too much from my emergency fund for fun reasons and then not replacing it so I'd like to put $500 in savings to help get it back where it needs to be. 
2. Update social media with new blog posts  I am so bad about sharing blog posts on social media and I'd like to get a lot better about getting the word out when we have a new post. I think I've been doing a good job so far this month but I want to keep it up! 
3. Read 6 books  My book shelf is looking so full and sad. I need to fit in at least 6 books this month and also stop buying new ones *shoves the 3 new releases I just got in the mail yesterday to the back* 
4. Only pay for iced coffee no more than once a week  I have a serious iced coffee problem. Last week I got Starbucks every single day on my way to work. That was $25 on just coffee! Ridiculous! Plus I have the ability to make iced coffee at work in our fully stocked kitchen, so I want to limit this to once a week maximum. So far not going great but I'm working on it. 
5. Run twice a week  I've been going on a lot of walks and hikes lately but I'm running a 6K in September and I'd like to beat my current time for that by about 15 minutes. This won't happen if I don't start adding running into my exercise routine. So I'm thinking I'd like to add it in twice a week right now. 

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