Monday, May 2, 2016

May Book Club {An Announcement}

Happy May book loving friends! May is so wonderful. Summer is creeping up on us and I could not be more ready for dresses and sandals to set up permanent shop in my wardrobe. Not to mention all the sunshine reading Jen and I are both really fond of. It's the perfect month to do something we have never done in the 3 year history of book club. 

We are taking a month off! 

It's true! And it's not a bad thing! In April we decided to reread The Raven Cycle books before the last book in the series was released at the end of the month. I'm so glad we decided to do that since I remembered why I fell in love with the series in the first place but it was a big undertaking in a month when I didn't start The Raven Boys until mid-month and I went on vacation for 6 days. I was starting to feel overwhelmed by the number of books I needed to read and most of them were obligations to series rereads. I was beginning to feel like I had no choice in what I got to read next and all the unread books on my shelves are feeling neglected. Not to mention, the next book in another series we read comes out tomorrow and I would like to reread the first book in that series as well. So I mentioned to Jen that taking a month off might be nice and I was so excited when she agreed! It takes off the bookish pressure and gives me some time to fit in a few books that I are just sitting on my shelf. 

So May is a free month, read whatever and let us know if there's anything on your list you are hoping to get to this month. We have some huge plans for book club this summer that I don't think you will want to miss out on! 

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