Tuesday, May 10, 2016

BookCon Essentials

Well hello friends! On Saturday Jen and I will find ourselves in Chicago attending our first ever BookCon! EEEEEK!! 

Obviously, we are crazy excited. First, we've both never been to Chicago and we get to go with our best friend and second, we will be spending 8 full hours surrounded by other book nerds like us. We will have found our tribe who freaks out over new books and a good series finale and generally is just a super fan of all things book related. We plan on recapping it on the blog next week, but now we are sharing what we have prepped as essentials for a BookCon road trip/best friend book extravaganza! 

1. Caffeine

We are leaving for Chicago at 4am. Yes, that is right. I am not at all a morning person and I know once I wake from the nap I planning on taking as soon as I get in the car, I'm going to need me some caffeine. It's my number one priority for making it through this day. So we will grab some coffee for me and soda for Jen and be ready to take on the day once it hits our systems. 

2. Podcasts and Playlists

Look, this is going to be a 5-6 hour road trip so having something we both agree on to listen to is essential. We both enjoy the Best of Friends podcasts and are at the same point in listening and we also might check out Gilmore Guys, which I've listened to and I know Jen will love. I also have Spotify ready to go with some great 90s playlists and I might throw a little Lemonade in there so Jen can appreciate it's awesomeness with me! 

3. Comfy shoes 

8 hours is a lot of time to spend mostly on your feet, walking around to all the booths and waiting in line for various things, so comfy footwear is a must. I still have not decided on what this is for me, but I'm sure I can narrow it down to something cute and comfy by Saturday morning. 

4. Large tote bag 

If all the blogs we have read in preparation for this trip are to be believed, you will get a decent amount of books at BookCon. There is also a ton of stuff available for purchase so having a large bag capable of fitting all your swag in will be important. Jen got some tote bags and iron transferred our blog logo on them so we will be going in style. 

5. Portable phone charger

Look, you want to be able to Instagram your heart out or just get a ton of pictures for sharing on the blog later and you cannot do that if your phone dies at 2pm. I never thought I would be so glad to win a portable phone charger at my work Christmas party as I am now that I can finally use it. 

6. A flexible plan

Lines will be long, things will sell out or run out and you will need to adjust expectations unexpectedly. It happens. We already know we will probably miss out on some author signings because they start giving out wristbands for signings at 8am and we won't get there until about 10am. There are also a lot of panels that we might not be able to get to if we don't feel like waiting a few hours in line. So we have a loose idea of how we would like the day to go, but we also are ready to be flexible as hell if those plans don't work out. 


Ok so those are our must haves for BookCon and we can't wait to report back next week to see how prepared we were. We're totally interested in any tips or tricks you have if you have went to BookCon before or even just a fan type convention before. What are some of your must haves for these kinds of events? 

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