Tuesday, May 3, 2016

April Rewind

As I'm reflecting over the month, I'm realizing my month was completely taken over by The Raven Boys re-read. It is such a great series and I really dominated my month. I did squeeze in a few comics. Lumberjanes & Giant Days both released new volumes in April.  I also preordered the comic Paper Girls and it did not disappoint. 

Does embarking on another friends series rewatch count? Just kidding, kind of.  Unbreakable with Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 was released on Netflix this month. In true Jen style, I had to, of course, rewatch Season 1 which I've almost finished.  I'll let you know how great Season 2 of Kimmy is next month, hopefully.

Chris Hartwick's-Funcomfortable-New standup debuted on comedy central this month.  I was on the fence on whether his standup would be any good. I love @Midnight. I watch it religiously and he has some pretty damn funny moments.  But his tv persona, especially on shows like The Talking Dead, is over the top and he comes off a little bit douche (no offense to Chris Hartwick). Anyway, it was great and more like his @Midnight self so I was super into and would recommend it.

Also this month: 

1. 10 Years!  This month, the husband and I, celebrated 10 years together and 5 years married.  We both aren't into making big plans, being romantic or following any sort of expectation or social norm in general so we had a super low key celebration.  I really love the phase of life we are in; it just feels super comfortable and I always know where I stand.  This is seriously the overall happiest I've even been with how things in my life are going. We took a little time off, ate at our favorite restaurants and decided to each splurge on our separate interests.  The husband chose car parts and I chose as many clothes as I could cram into my Forever 21 shopping cart.  I snagged some great 90's classic outfits and I'm super pumped about how we decided to celebrate our anniversary.

2.  Stay-cations!  As I mentioned above, we took a little time off this month.  In fact, we too 2 long weekends and it was just such a great way to recharge.  The first long weekend we both really focused on our separate hobbies and just soaked up so good ole me time.  The second long weekend we got down to business and did some home repairs, which felt good to get done.  I watched a bunch of Friends while working on my latest quilt project and I soaked up butt load of sunshine reading.  I love falling into staycation routine so much. It is just so calming and relaxing.

3.  Pin Collection!  Man, I've been wanting to start a enamel pin collection for a while.  I spent most of the month of April agonizing over which pin to pick as my first pin.  It just seemed like such a defining decision, like it would define my whole pin collection or something.  Then I started to feel silly about agonizing over such a silly decision.  Towards the very end of the month, I finally decided to go with Ross & Rachel because Friends really is my favorite all around lately.  I love them so much and I can't wait to add more enamel pins to my collection.  I already have an etsy cart full but please, feel free to recommend any pin shops to me.  I seem to be super into pins about pop culture, cats and feminism. Surprising?

April was dominated for me by The Raven Cycle. I didn't really fit in anything else and I also didn't start a new audiobook yet so I don't have much to report on the reading front. I do highly recommend the Raven Cycle series so check that out fo sho. I did order a few new books and even picked on up in an actual bookstore this weekend, so I might make a post with new books on my shelves soon.   

I finished watching Seinfeld! My boyfriend and I take turns choosing tv shows. We watch one hour long show and one 30 minute show and Seinfeld was his first choice since I had never seen it. What was I thinking? It was hilarious and so so good! I'm a little sad it's over and now I'm agonizing over my choice. It's between Friends and Veep so if you have an opinion either way, let me know! 
I also watched the movie Pontypool on Netflix and was seriously blown away! It's a horror/zombie type movie but kind of changes all the rules and is really different from anything else out there in the best way. 

LEMONADE on repeatttttttt. 

Seriously, I have listened to it like 3 times a day since it dropped and watched it like twice a day at work. Beyonce is a genius and I'm even more excited about getting to see her in concert at the end of May in Chicago. 

Also this month: 
*Vacation All I Ever Wanted
I went to one of my favorite places on Earth in April: Colorado! We flew into Denver and spent most of our time in Fort Collins. I’m waiting on my boyfriend to send me his pictures so I can do a full blog recap about the trip, but it was so amazing. Lots of hiking and delicious food and good beers. I think Colorado is a place I have to go every year. I promise to recap the trip soon and go into a little more detail. 

*Spring Concert
My daughters had their first every singing concert in April. Every Kindergartner got to participate and it was so freaking cute! Emily even volunteered for a solo when the original kid was absent so that was a fun surprise. It was hilarious and cute and I think everybody needs to see a bunch of 5-6 year old scream sing Katy Perry’s Roar at some point in their life. 

*Getting Healthy
I feel like I’ve been casually working on being healthier forever now. I don’t try very hard, honestly. But in April I started seeing results from consistent workouts and mostly eating better. I lost a few pounds, but really I’m focused on how I feel and my clothes are fitting better and I’m feeling stronger, which is all the reward I need. It’s definitely motivating and making me want to stick with it instead of eating all the pizza all the time. 

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