Wednesday, April 6, 2016

March Rewind

Man, I really kicked some reading ass this month.  Not only did I finish up the 5th book of The Game of Thrones I also immersed myself into The Winner's Curse series, which is basically a more gentle version of The Game of Thrones.  If you haven't read it, you should, or just read our discussion if you are on the fence.  We'll push you over.  My comic collection also grew this month. I read Bitch Planet and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.  Squirrel Girl is hands down my favorite super hero ever.  Her catch phrase was enough to get me hooked: "Eating nuts and kicking butts". Yea, you want to read it now too, right?

The husband and I watched Love on Netflix. It was pretty good and pretty quirky and I'm certainly into quirky.  So far there is only one season available, but I felt like it was pretty relatable of what goes on in the dating world (like I would even know since I haven't dated in over 10 years....haha) but I'm sticking with that statement.

I finally found a podcast that I seriously CANNOT live without.  You probably have already picked up on the fact that I love FRIENDS. Like, it is in my top 5 favorite tv shows of all time.  Anyway, I found The Best of Friends Podcast and it has pretty much changed my life.  Not really, but I love listening to other people who love Friends decipher each episode and especially the fashion. Those girls were always rocking it and I'd take legit fashion advice from both Rachel & Monica. 

Also this month: 

1.  New Morning Routine
Guys, 30 is seriously staring me in the face lately.  It is a mere 3 months away and it is prime time for me to realize now is the best time for me to get into shape.  I'm a paralegal so I spend a lot of time behind a desk and a computer and do not move as much as I would like.  I've been struggled with a workout style/how to fit it into my life syndrome for a couple of years.  Randomly this month, without really planning it, I just decided to start getting up, eating breakfast (which my husband cooks me, be jealous) and getting my workout on before I get ready to go off to work.  I would like to add, I hate to exercise. It is seriously the works. But Heather recommended the Blogilates series to me and I'm pretty into is because it is super structured.  I would like to report, after a month of this experiment, that I absolutely love this new morning routine. Not only is my body just feel super strong and flexible, but I just feel so much more awake and focused throughout the day.  I feel like this month, I really jumped on the train taking me straight to adulthood.

2. Lightening Strikes
You know, I think it is just natural if one area of your life is excelling then another area is going to take a major hit.  This month our house was hit by lightening and destroyed the following: 3 tvs, 3 cable boxes, 1 internet modem, 1 wireless router, 1 motherboard of a computer, 1 water heater and the kitchen light fixture.  I'm one who can usually just shake the stress off but I felt legit overwhelmed by this nonsense, especially the water heater since we had just replaced it a couple of years earlier.  Unfortunately hour home insurance deductible was about the same as our overall damage so it is a hit we had to take.  And this kids is why you make your emergency fund a priority. 

3. Junking
I hadn't been out "junking" or searching for vintage treasures in forever, like at least a year.  I used to go a couple of times a month.  This month, our local antique mall had a flea market attraction.  Heather, her beebs and I decided to check it out.  We didn't find a lot but it was fun to get back into the junking world and to see how much the antique mall has improved since we had last been there.  My one find was a framed quilt block which I thought was super cool, especially since it had the creators name and address listed on the back of it. Those are some of my favorite treasures to stumble onto.

This month was all about The Winner's Curse series. I seriously fell in love again and it's earned a place as one of my favorite YA fantasy series. So well done and definitely has a Game of Thrones vibe, especially the last two in the series. I also read a few comic books that Jen let me borrow, Lumberjanes and Nimona, both of which were super cute and wonderful. 

I've been watching Grey's Anatomy any spare second I get. After reading Year of Yes, Shonda Rhimes is my spirit animal/soul sister and this show is so well written. I'm enjoying all the characters and the story lines. I'm on season 5 finally but there are 12 seasons so far and I usually only watch it in the morning while getting ready for work. I also saw the movie The Witch this month and it was so different from my expectations, not an in your face horror movie, but one I find myself thinking about a lot and really enjoyed. 

I am SO CLOSE to being done with listening to It by Stephen King. The audiobook is 45 hours long and I listen to it on my commute to and from work. I usually listen to 2 hours a day during the week and it's starting to wear on me. I have mixed feelings on this book for sure and it's not one of my favorite Stephen King novels but I'm trying to withhold final judgements until I actually finish (which should be TODAY!) 

Also this month: 

1. I ran a 6k 
With basically no training, I ran a 6k with my boyfriend this month. I had done a trial run the weekend before and it took me an hour and 10 minutes to complete (I run/walk currently). I was so pumped that on race day I beat this time by 15 minutes! It was so cool to push myself and really see what I'm capable of. I have another 6K planned in September so I'm really excited to see how my time changes by then. I'd really love to run it in 40 minutes, so let the training begin! 

2. New schedule 
I started a working a 9:45am-6:45pm schedule at work in March. The day my training group found out we were moving schedules I was pretty upset. I tend to imagine the worst case scenario and then freak out about it. In my mind I would never get to see my kids and it would be miserable. Color me shocked when I actually love this schedule. I get to sleep in, take my time in the mornings, and miss all the crazy city traffic that was the bane of my existence on my morning and evening commutes. I think long term an earlier schedule works better in my life, but for now I'm enjoying this time not having to wake up at 5:45am. 

3. Beer Flights OH MY
My boyfriend had a fantasy baseball draft a few weekends ago and I went with him to a local brewery, book in tow, to hang out while he did that with a few friends. I ended up trying a beer flight and it was so fun! I have never tried dark beers and actually liked them! Maybe not enough to get it all the time, but definitely to try in small batches like that. I want to try beer flights at other places more often now. Any favorite beers I should know about? 

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