Monday, April 11, 2016

Book Tee

Hey friends!
Man, it seems like this post is a long time coming! We'd be planning on doing book tee fashion shoot since the existence of the blog but somehow we just couldn't fit it in last summer and then we got way too excited about fall outfits.  Bookish tees are a staple in our book obsessed lives.  During the warmer seasons they become part of our weekend rotation.  Plus it is nice to let people know what we are all about in case they try to interrupt our reading or something equally annoying.  Fun fact: Our biggest book pet peeve is when we are reading in public and someone takes that as we aren't doing anything of importance and they interrupt us with some sort of nonsense with zero disregard. And that nonsense is never book related. I don't think either of us would mind being interrupted by someone who wanted to discuss the book we were reading or really anything bookish related.  Wonders how many people are going to be too nervous to approach a reading Heather or Jen without experiencing a major rant. We promise not to bite.

I know each of us has a couple of bookish tees and have plenty more on our wish lists. I personally really love our outfits and they were a great pick for our junking adventures that day. With no further ado, check out our casual bookish styles:

Outfit Details 
Tee (lookhuman) / Chambray shirt (American Eagle) / Jeggings (American Eagle) / Booties (Rue 21)

This is seriously my new all time favorite picture. Jumping photos are actually super hard but seriously hilarious.

Outfit Details
Jacket (Target: similar) / Book Tee (Look Human) / Jeggings (Rue21) / Booties (Forever 21) /Heart sunglasses (Amazon) 

Guys, we are always on the lookout for more bookish tees and really cool pop culture tees in general. Where do you get your favorite tees? Hit us up in the comments because we always need more places on our radar! And really just more excuses to shop!

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