Thursday, March 10, 2016

March Small Goals

Jen's February Small Goals

1. Continuation of Clothing Freeze.  Ok, to be honest this was quite a goal for me to tackle.  I found the perfect pair overalls I broke this goal.  But I would like to report, I did spend a lot less on clothing this month.  Progress is progress.
2. Finish Spooky Halloween Sampler.  Considering I only have half of the border left, I'm calling this goal complete! 
3. Buy supplies for next bestie project.  I encountered some unforeseen bills this month and had to put this goal on hold.
4. Listen to a bookish podcast.  Geez, this is going to sound really silly, but I went to look for a bookish podcast and got seriously overwhelmed by choices.  Anyone have a good recommendation of where to start?
5. Update my crafty to-do list.  I spent A LOT of time thinking about what direction my crafting is taking and I'm still kind of uncertain of where it is going.  I'd love to make some more clothes or to buy some amazing quilting fabric but I don't have the extra fundage for that at the moment.  Lack of funds can really destroy creativity.  I'm tossing around a couple of scrap busting projects including using the vintage Sunbonnet Sue pattern. 

Jen's March Small Goals 
1. Continuation of clothing freeze.    Since I was able to cut my clothing spending by more than half, I'm keeping this goal on the list because I need a constant reminder, like an accountability partner. 
2.  Keep fingernails painted.  Yea, this probably seems like a semi silly goal but if I don't keep polish on my nails than my horrible chewing nails habit kicks in relentlessly when I'm anxious or nervous.
3.  Buy at least 1 comic book.  I'm majorly in love with comics and haven't had a chance to splurge on any new ones this year.  It is happening this month!
4. Finish Parks and Recreations on Netflix.  Man, I really do love this show, but I have not made the time to watch it entirely through. I'm almost to season 3 and hopefully I can bust a good chunk if not all of this show out this month. 
5. Start a stash busting project.  Now that I've evaluated my fundage and my supplies I think the most logical thing to do is start a stash busting quilt project, whether I use the Sunbonnet Sue pattern or I use the 9 patch pattern to make a more light summer blanket.  This isn't something I plan on getting finished in a month or whatever but I'd really like to use up all the little scraps of fabric I've been hoarding. 

Heather's February Small Goals Update

1. Spend zero money on books  Done and done! I'm really glad I was able to accomplish this goal. 
2. Buy knitting supplies  Crushed it! I bought the supplies linked in the last post but haven't busted them out yet. I think I'll do that this weekend possibly! 
3. Move houses with minimal stress Maybe the least stressful move I've ever done. I'm happily now living with my boyfriend and loving it! 
4. Put all my taxes in savings Done! It feels good to have a nice big emergency fund all set up now. 
5. Use my film camera This is the one goal I didn't get to! I'd still like to bust out my film camera and with the nicer weather maybe I'll get to that this March.

Heather's March Small Goals
1. Learn cat eye eyeliner I see people rocking this eyeliner trend and can never get it right. I want to watch all the YouTube videos it takes until I get this one down. 
2. Successfully complete boyfriend birthday surprise! I have an epic birthday surprise planned for Jarrett for his birthday at the end of the month and I cannot wait. He is SO HARD to buy for and really hard to surprise so I'm pumped to really knock his socks off with his birthday this year. 
3. Read 5 books  February was such a bad reading month for me that I want to commit to fitting in at least 5 books this month. 3 of them at least will be book club reads so really planning to squeeze in 2 more shouldn't be too hard. 
4. Spend zero money on clothes/books/non-essentials  I have plans with Jen for a shopping trip in April to splurge a little before we head out to BookCon in May so I really want to put any additional funds I have into savings. I've been spending a little more than normal lately so I really want to focus on resisting those impulse buys. The only exception is book club books I need to buy still. 
5. Work out 3-4 times a week  In January I worked out 3 times a week consistently. Then I got sick in February and didn't work out for 2 weeks. So I am ready to jump back in and keep a consistent routine. I bought T25 and have done 2 of the workouts so far and am loving it. 

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  1. I'm with Jen trying to keep my nails polished or at least put some jamberrys on, but I'm so lazy!

    Heather, jump on the workout train! Once you get the workout clothes and find a rhythm, you can't help but be excited about getting to the gym.