Monday, March 28, 2016

Jeggings Freestyle

Hey friends!
Can you tell outfit posts are one of our favorite things to post about? Not only is it fun to play dress up but it gives us an excuse to squeeze in even more bestie time and bestie time is pretty damn important.  As much as I love to get all dressed up, I really love vegging out in a pair of jeggings.  Therefore, we decided to keep it Contempo Casual and do a freestyle theme.  I really hope someone gets this Clueless/90's reference.  I really enjoy seeing what each of us comes up with on a freestyle shoot simply because they are so open ended and we try not to discuss them too much ahead of time to try not to unintentionally steal ideas. I think this shoot in particular, really showcases our different personal styles. 

Outfit Details 
Top (Target) / Vest (Modcloth--no longer even on the website sadly!) / Jeggings (American Eagle--ON SALE) / Booties (Forever 21) / Sunglasses (Amazon) 

I've been experimenting with crop tops for the last year or so.  I find that they are really hit and miss and I like it best if the crop top skims the top of my pants.  I'm still really undecided about this crop top because of how cropped it is.  What do you guys think? Is it a keeper?

Outfit Details
Crop top (Forever 21) / Jeggings (AE) / Kicks (Toms

Well, until next time...
(another great reference, think late 2000s and it is also a book series)
[Gossip Girl!]


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