Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentines Day Bestie Style

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!

The Bestie and I decided to get together to do a quick Valentine's Day themed outfit photo shoot using an old shoe factory our background.  I really love when we decide to do theme photo shoots.  I think it is really cool to pick a theme and then see how each of us interpret the theme with our own personal styles.  I get especially excited to see what Heather comes up with and how she accessorizes her look.  A lot of times in my head, I think we have such similar styles because our tastes in life are so paralleled but occasions like this help me realize how unique each of our styles truly are. Plus, isn't Heather rocking the shit out of that dress?

Personally, I don't even consider Valentine's Day a holiday.  To me, it is silly to put so many expectations on one day. Show the many loves of your life how much you love them every day, is my philosophy! But if my husband were to present me with some chocolate, I wouldn't throw it in his face or anything because chocolate. With that being said, it was surprisingly easy for me to come up with an Valentine's Day themed outfit.  I feel like cat sweaters are appropriate for all occasions!

Outfit Details:
Cat Sweater (Rue 21) / Skirt (Rue 21) / Tights (Kohls) / Socks (Christmas gift) / Boots (Go Jane) / Purse (American Eagle)

Outfit Details
Dress (Shein) / Belt (Target) / Tights (WalMart) / Booties (Forever 21) / Sunglasses (Amazon

And after we did some twirling, we decided what is a Valentine's Day shoot without a blowing kisses photo? Plus, I love getting all silly with the Bestie!

Friends, I hope you have the best of Valentine's Days.  Just remember: love hard, always.


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