Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Heather's 6 Favorite Podcasts

Are you guys as into podcasts as I am? Are you answering, "Umm yes duh because we don't live under rocks and podcasts are super popular?" I'm great at imaginary conversations, obviously. Three years ago I discovered my first podcast and over the past year I've added a lot to the list of ones I listen to. Sadly, I don't get a ton of downtime to listen to them so I find myself with a longer list to listen to than I have time for. I usually listen to them while getting ready for work and when I work out. I do start my new job next week which means I'll have a 2 hour daily commute and I'm mostly excited that I will have all this time to listen to podcasts now. Silver linings and all that. Here are my 6 favorite ones that I manage to keep up with right now.

1. The Flophouse
Three years ago I read saw a podcast The Flophouse mentioned in the Entertainment Weekly Must List. I'd never checked out a podcast before but I love bad movies so I gave it a try and now Stuart, Elliot, and Dan are my #1 Podcast Boos. They are hilarious and I've caught myself laughing until I cried multiple times. Their Facebook page is also always filled with awesome discussions and links. I don't participate much but it seriously makes my day to check out what's going on over there as well. True story: I knew Jarrett would be an awesome boyfriend when I told him about The Flophouse and he loved it. It was the ultimate first date test.

2. Breakfast for Dinner
Breakfast for Dinner is a recent favorite of mine. I love Nicole's blog, Writes Like a Girl. Like seriously, how can someone have such wonderful outfits? I have been listening to this podcast she hosts with her boyfriend and have been really digging it. First of all, breakfast for dinner is my jam, and secondly, their opinions and topics of discussion are always so interesting to listen to. I love their vibe and Nic Explains Sports makes me feel less alone in not knowing about sports when my boyfriend tries to explain it. I've listened to about 10 episodes total but it's seriously fast becoming a favorite and must listen to podcast for me.

3. Gilmore Guys 
Demi and Kevin are two guys watching Gilmore Girls and discussing it one episode at a time, hence the Gilmore Guys. Kevin is a long time fan and Demi is a newbie watching it for the first time. I had never seen Gilmore Girls before and last year when Netflix started streaming all the seasons I thought it would be a good time to start. I got really into listening to this podcast as kind of a companion to my binge watch and it's so funny and cool to listen to two guys be genuinely interested in a show that's mostly viewed as a girl's show. I'm super behind on the podcast currently because I need to catch up on Gilmore Girls episodes but I can't wait to get caught up with the podcast as well!

4. Faculty of Horror
Faculty of Horror is another new find for me, which I originally heard about on The Flophouse Facebook page (Thank you Floppers!). Andrea and Alex discuss different horror movies, often with an awesome feminist perspective. I'm a huge horror buff and it's been really cool finding new movies to check out that I had heard of but never gotten to (hello Fatal Attraction and Sleepaway Camp!). I love the discussions that get started here and this is definitely one to add to my must listen list. If you love horror movies and are interested in a female perspective, add this to your list for sure!

5. The Black Tapes
The Black Tapes is a fictionalized podcast in the vein of Serial. It follows a reporter who is following a story on a paranormal debunker and his collection of unsolved black tapes. It delves into this man and his shady personal life and the creepy stories he investigates. It's such a cool format and I was genuinely creeped out multiple times while listening to this. I just got an alert this week that a new episode was released and I may have squeeled a little. I love this story style of this podcast and can't wait to get into season 2.

6. Judge John Hodgeman
Judge John Hodgeman is a podcast I mostly listen to with my boyfriend but it is one of my hands down favorites. If I could have a podcast where I got to judge people's crazy/silly problems, I would be in heaven. Alas I cannot do this and Hodgeman has the market on lock and does it way better than I ever could anyway. People will call in or write in with problems and it's up to Judge John Hodgeman to lay down the law. One of the first ones I listened to was a couple whose house in Brooklyn is next to a park and balls are constantly being lost in their backyard. The couple couldn't agree on what to do with them so in stepped to help them decide. It's always so fun to listen to and to discuss with Jarrett on how our opinions match or differ.


Do you also love these podcasts or what's on the top of your list that you think is worth checking out? I've got a ton of space on my phone to fill with new podcasts so recommendations are welcome!

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