Monday, February 1, 2016

February Small Goals

Happy Monday! Happy February! One month into 2016 and things are looking good over here for The Best Friend Book Club! This month we are going to link up with Writes Like a Girl for our small goals for the month of February. We both have things we'd like to knock off our to-do list and February feels like a month to get shit done.

Jen's Small Goals

1. Continuation of Clothing Freeze.  Ok, so January I was supposed to do a clothing freeze which basically means I buy no new clothing.  Well, I'm a big enough person to admit my failings and the January clothing freeze was a major fail.  I did ok until the first sale of the year (Martin Luther King's Day) but I could not resist those emails because I have limited will power when it comes to fashion.  It just brings me so much joy.  However, I did a lot better on my book spending this month by only buying Winter and Truthwitch, our book club book. Progress is progress.
2. Finish Spooky Halloween Sampler.  I'm going to start this out by saying I am way into counted cross stitch. Looking back, counted cross stitch is a craft I never thought I could learn the patience for, however, I LOVE it. I love the repetitive action and how each "X" you make you are one stitch closer to a finished project.  It is such a stress reliever for me.  My favorite designers are the ladies at The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. I've had a few of their patterns stashed away (cross stitch is mad time consuming) and as I was waiting on the yearly sampler to drop (yea, I'm so nerdy I've joined a yearly cross stitch club, where a pattern is released each month for a year to make up one sampler and this is my 4th year!)  I decided to start their Spooky Halloween Sampler from two years ago.  In conjunction with my husband deciding we need to rewatch Game of Thrones for the 50th time, it is already over half way finished.  I'm really hoping I can finish up the stitching portion in February. 
3. Buy supplies for next bestie project.  The Bestie and I are due for another Bestie project.  We've both have fallen in love with this fabric called Tiger Lily by Heather Ross and we plan on making a donut quilt with said fabric choice.  I've almost worn this pattern out already however this will be Heather's first go using this pattern.  I don't mind making a 5th (oh man, almost embarrassed to type that; I'm a bit of a quilt hoarder) quilt for myself because I really do love the pattern. My goal for February is to order enough fabric for each of us to make semi-matching donut quilts.
4. Listen to a bookish podcast.  Listening to a variety of podcasts is something I always have on my revolving list of things I want to do.  My problem is time. I never have enough time to fit in everything I want in life. But I do think I would enjoy to listen to podcasts while I stitch instead of watching the same shows on Netflix over and over.  This month I'm going to try to find a bookish themed podcasts (or two) to try out because I really think that would be my jam.  Stay tuned for some bookish podcast recommendations!
5. Update my crafty to-do list.  Man, I used to update my crafty to-do list on the reg.  However, after making 5 quilts in quick succession last year, I kind of forgot I even had a crafty to-do list.  I got burnt out, to be honest. I lacked inspiration.  I just wanted to read so I let myself go through a pretty intense reading phase.  But slowly, I'm starting to get some of my inspiration and drive back and I'm forcing myself to sew every other weekend just to exercise my sewing skills.  Therefore, I'm going to update my crafty to-do list in hopes of reclaiming more inspiration to create.  I'm happiest in my creation zone so I'm really hoping I can get my inspiration back. After making a skirt last year, I'm pretty sure I'm going to add more clothing items to my crafty list. Maybe learn how to use my button-holer.  I think my biggest goal is to do some stash busting so I can order some fun, new fabrics.  Have you figured out I like to shop yet?

Heather's Small Goals

1. Spend zero money on books Oh hello, I'm addicted to buying books. Big shocker, right? I have a HUGE unread pile on my shelf and a ton of unread books on my kindle. I was supposed to be on spending freeze in January and I bought 8 books. So I'm dedicating myself to not buying any books in February and fingers crossed, making a dent on my unread shelf.
2. Buy knitting supplies I have had "Learn to knit" on my birthday goals for 3 years straight. So I'm deciding that I am going to commit to buying supplies and hopefully learning a new skill this month. I found a class on this website that will sent you the supplies to make a cowl and also give you online lessons on how to knit it, which feels like it might be my best bet.
3. Move houses with minimal stress My lease is up mid-February and I'm moving in with my boyfriend! I'm very excited about this new step, especially since it means I can stop dragging things back and forth between our two houses. Hopefully this move goes pretty pain free and we can combine houses pretty seamlessly!
4. Put all my taxes in savings Right now I have exactly zero dollars in my savings account. One of my huge goals for the year is to set up an emergency fund with 6 months of living expenses. With my taxes I will be 50% there so I'm really excited to put all my money in savings, which might be the surest sign I'm an adult since usually I'm all about buying all the clothes at tax time. Yay adulting!
5. Use my film camera Three years ago I bought a film camera on Ebay in hopes of taking more film photos. I have not used it once. Not even pulled it out of the box until I was purging things this fall. So one of my big goals this month is to take it out of the box and use it. Maybe go on some hikes and get some nice photos. I haven't taken photos just because in so long so this goal feels like one that will really feed my soul.

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