Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Baby It's Cold Outside

Good day friends!

We are super excited to bring a long awaited outfit post to you! It has been a couple of months since we could schedule a time to squeeze one in.  Personally, we can't wait for daylight savings so we can do a couple of these posts a month.  If you can't tell by our curled up fingers or my red nose, it was really freaking cold that day.

Today, I thought we would talk a little bit about personal style.  I don't know if you know this about Heather and I, but we love to shop and we love fashion almost to the point of it being an addiction. I can't even explain how often we talk about clothing we are crushing on, have bought or outfits we make up in our head.  It is a constant on our minds. Like, professional help might be our only option. Anyway, our shopping style was basically, BUY ALL THE CUTE THINGS, but last fall we decided to start shopping more purposefully because we were ending up with the most random of pieces that weren't necessarily cohesive to our overall style.  Defining our personal styles really was a life changing moment for both of us. 

I defined my personal style as: Nerdy 90's Chic.  I'm completely drawn to the styles from my childhood and I'm hoping I'm putting a nerdy yet chic spin on a style that some would consider dated.  Bring me all the  florals, stripes, plaids, combat boots, jumpsuits, rompers, high-waisted bottoms, crop tops, maxi dresses/skirts, overalls, leggings/jeggings and joggers as well as cat print anything (obviously).  These fashions are my jam and make me feel the most comfortable in my own skin.  As a teenager, I always found myself trying to copy my peers in an attempt to fit in, even so far as to wear contacts every day because none of my friends had glasses.  In my 20's I decided that wearing glasses was part of who I was and something I wanted to own even if it makes me look nerdy or like a hipster (as my husband always says).  It feels really good to own your style and let go of what others think or feel about it because really I'm only dressing to impress myself and to feel good doing it. 



Outfit Details
Fringe Sweatshirt Dress (Forever 21) /  Tights (Rue 21) / Socks (Christmas gift) / Boots (Rue 21)

Hey guys! Jen had the awesome idea to talk a little about our personal style so here I am to share a little about my journey. In 2015 I got a new position at work where I made commission. This brought in a nice chunk of change each month that I promptly spent on clothes. I was seriously a little out of control with my spending and was ending up with a lot of things that either didn't fit or I didn't love in person. This lead me to really examine what kind of clothes I liked and to start really thinking if the purchases I was making were aligning with my personal style. One thing that actually really helped me was this post by Valery Brennan. Valery has one of the best personal styles I've ever seen so her blog on how to help define your own was a game changer for me. Using her worksheets, I was able to define my style as "Cozy Whimsy with a Twist." My personal jam is a lot of dresses, skirts, graphic tees, cardigans, and comfy but cute footwear. I also realized I need more cute tops and more jeggings to round out my wardrobe really well. I think personal style is always evolving, but know what I tend to wear and love has been a big help in less impulse purchases and now a huge closet full of things I love to wear. It can be hard to want to try all the trends but really making things work for my body type has been an big confidence boost for me. I'm still determined to conquer hats and jumpsuits this year to help my fulfill my dream of feeling like Beyoncé.

Heather <3

Outfit Details
Shirt (Rue 21) / Skirt (made by me!) / Cardigan (Target) / Tights (birthday gift from Jen) / Boots (Forever 21)


  1. Omggggg thank you so much for the super sweet shoutout!!!! "Cozy whimsy with a twist" is PERFECT! <3

    1. Thank you! Your style guide sheets were so much fun and really helped me focus on finding my personal style!