Friday, December 11, 2015

Down by the River

Hello friends! 

Man, even though we live pretty close together, sometimes it is hard to squeeze in everything we want to do with our busy lives.  We were getting a little worried we wouldn't have time to schedule a fall outfit shoot, but alas, we made it happen! Heather had the idea of using the state park, more particularly the river, as our background for this session.  Isn't fall beautiful in Missouri?

The beginning started out really muddy, to be honest, and we were pretty damn cold. Just comically imagine kids trying to walk up an incline and sliding back down on their hands and knees in the mud and then freaking out over said mud.  This was hilarious in such an "oh shit" kind of way.  We decided to relocate to a dryer spot and had much better luck and attitudes (from the littles). And, naturally we picked the coldest day of fall to schedule our outfit shoot.

Note to self, remove that perpetual wrist hair tie when taking pictures! If you go back and look at each outfit picture, you can distinctly see a wrist hair tie in them all. Obviously, I need hair options.

Outfit Details
Dress (Forever 21) / Boots GoJane) / Purse & Tights (Rue21) / Scarf (handmade-pattern by Heather)

Outfit Details
Pleather Dress (Forever 21) / Cardigan (Target-last year) / Scarf (Shein) / Tights (Forever 21) / Booties (Forever 21) / Hat (Made by me)

This session ended up being A LOT of fun.  There was a lot of energy, sass and attitude that went into this shoot.  

This is our "Act Sassy" pose.

We thought it would be fun to throw leaves in the air during the shoot. This turned out some hilarious facial expressions from the littles in particular.  I think this proves that photography ideas are super tricky to carry out, but damn, these turned out cute anyway!  And anything that makes me laugh so hard I cry, is a good time in my book. 


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