Thursday, December 3, 2015

30 Before 30

Hello 29! I'm in the last year of my 20s and it feels pretty good so far. I feel like life has gotten better and better each year so I am really excited to see where 29 takes me.  I feel really reflective and for once feel like I have a handle on my life and where I want to be this time next year when I'm celebrating 30. This weekend I have plans to go out in St. Louis with my boyfriend and some friends to eat delicious food and have some celebratory drinks to celebrate 28 and toast to 29. My birthday list this year feels super doable and I'm really excited to get started on completing some of these goals. I don't want to leave most of them to the end of the year like I did last year.  I feel really happy with my list for this year and look forward to keeping you guys updated on my progress. Cheers friends!
30 Before 30
1 Go to City Museum  
2 Organize photos (on computer…possibly putting them into photo books?)
3 Keep a daily or weekly journal
4 Weekly portraits of E & M  
5 Buy a new swimsuit
6 Go on an overnight camping trip
7 Decorate our place so it feels like “ours”
8 Buy a bike
9 Take more pictures of everyday life  
10 365 Photobooth Selfies
11 Reread one book (or more!) a month
12 Sew a dress (possibly with pockets!)
13 Carry my camera with me more
14 Practice radical self love
15 Run a 5K
16 Get some houseplants (succulents)
17 Go to a casino
18 Learn to make 3 fancy-ish cocktails
19 Make two “just because” quilts
20 Get a passport
21 Learn to knit (FOR REAL THIS TIME)
22 Take a solo day trip
23 Cook one new recipe a month
24 Go on a birthday trip with my sister
25 Host a wine club
26 Plan a best friend trip with Jen
27 Make some jewelry
28 Try waterskiing
29 Go to a festival
30 Throw a surprise party

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