Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lazy Sunday

Pizza sweaters and cat sweaters, oh my! But seriously, we have our sweater game on lock people. Jen and I got together to finish up some quilts on a lazy Sunday a few weeks ago and since we live 20 minutes apart, we also decided to take some outfit posts at the same time. Sweater themed outfit posts. I now own 4 different pizza themed shirts and I am not mad about it. My kids also tagged along, bringing comic relief in the form of trying to scale walls while we took outfit photos. Their photos are also in black and white since they dressed themselves and it was a hot mess. Mom life, ya know?

 Outfit posts are some of my favorite we do personally. It might seem kind of weird to some people. I wouldn't claim to be a model or someone that a lot of people look at and think "fashion blogger". I love clothes and love putting together outfits, but the biggest benefit I get from these posts is a boost in self confidence. It's so easy to get really down on yourself and the way you look. I often find myself fixating on things that I think are wrong with me or things I think look bad and I'm sure the world is in on the joke. Like of course everyone notices all my flaws because it's all I can see. Lately I've gained about 10-15 pounds and it's all I can see when I look in my mirror. Then we do outfit posts and just when I'm sure that all my flaws are front and center, I look at these pictures and feel beautiful and confident again. Sure, we are showing you cute outfits we have and links to where you can get them too, but honestly these posts are for us. Sharing them with the world on a blog we love is just a bonus. 

I really feel like self love and self confidence is a journey. It's something we work on all the time. I'm just never going to be someone who is mega confident all the time. I think most people feel that way. I don't even think that the things we worry about on the daily are things most other people even notice. I do work on the way I talk to myself and about myself because I never want my kids to feel like they shouldn't be proud of the kind of people they are. Which might be good advice. Would you talk to your kid the way you talk to yourself? Or just someone you love? I know not everyone has kids but pick someone you love and when you think about yourself and your "flaws" think if you would say those things to someone you love. Probably not right? I don't think this is a revolutionary way of looking at things but it can't help to repeat it here. 

My loves <3

This post is a little more personal and introspective than we usually are. I do think it's important to do things that make you feel confident. Take all the selfies you want or run marathons or get really into learning about wine. Whatever you need to do to feel like the bad ass lady (or fella) you are. We are more than the way we look but it doesn't hurt to want to feel beautiful sometimes too. 


Thanks for sticking around friends! These cozy sweater outfits were fun to put together and also comfortable to sew in. Hopefully the feminist body positive confidence rant was something you could possibly relate to as well! Thanks for reading friends! 

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