Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Halloween Quilts {Progress}

Jen and I have been working on these Halloween quilts for over a year now. I am pretty sure I bought the first round of fabric in like April of 2014. We are determined to get this finished up so we have plenty of time to snuggle with them by this Halloween. We have been planning a ton of bestie craft days to work on these, since the best part about making crafts is getting to do it together. We are finally in the home stretch and have been working on them separately to kind of get it done quickly so we can bind them at the beginning of October.

A few months ago we laid the blocks out to get a good idea of how we would want to sew the tops together. Jen's quilt is on the left, mine is on the right. Jen went with a whimsical mix of cute Halloween fabrics and I decided to go completely zombie themed. We chose to use a bear paw pattern for our blocks as well. 

Close up of my quilt, which I ended up kind of switching up from this! 

A few weeks ago we got together do take some outfit photos for the blog and we finished up sewing these small blocks to bigger blocks of 4. Here are some photos of our most recent sewing day. We will definitely post pictures of our finished quilts and talk a little more about our process making them! 

Fun Fact: Jen's quilt shirt has the same kind of pattern as our blocks! 

This is my favorite fabric that Jen used in her quilt

My blocks waiting to be finished up


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