Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Welcome to The Best Friend Book Club!

Hello! Thanks for stopping by our brand new blog! We are so excited to finally have our blog dream become a reality, since we've been talking about it for over a year! This is our space where we can come together as besties and share our enthusiasm for everything we love. Obviously, this includes our book club, but we also plan to share outfits, crafts, books, and anything that makes us happy. We both had personal blogs in the past but felt like we outgrew doing a blog on our own. We both were looking for a creative outlet and once we decided to blog together it was like everything clicked into place! The vibe we want to go for is those days you get together with your very best friend and talk about everything you love and everything you want to do. We embrace being enthusiastic and not being ashamed to love the things you love. We are silly, nerdy, ladies who want to share our love of crafts, cats, clothes, and books with everyone. We can't wait to share these things with you and to see where this whole blogging thing takes us!

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