Friday, August 28, 2015

Summer of Rompers

Alternate title for this post: Who Knew Outfit Posts Were So Hard and Sweaty?
 (That's what she said)  

We took these photos in front of a thrift store down the street from Jen's house. At noon. So we had quite a few people slowing down to stare at us (and one person who literally stopped in the middle of the road to stare!). It was crazy fun getting to take pictures together with our theme of "Rompers". We've both been really into rompers this summer, something I thought could not work with my body type but that I've grown to love! I love that we have different body types so it's kind of cool to showcase different styles and how they work for us individually. You might also notice that I started out these photos with a cardigan (in August....what is wrong with me?!) and it got way too hot so I said whatever and took it off. I feel like this whole post was a lesson in outfit post blogging that can only get better from here! At least we have a bunch of new cute pictures together! 

Outfit Details
Romper (Forever 21) / Sandals (GoJane) / Typewriter Necklace (Craft Fair)

Outfit Details
Romper (exact) / Sandals (similar) / Heart Sunglasses (Amazon)

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