The book club started in January 2012 when we were long distance besties (Heather in San Diego, Jen in Missouri). We were looking for ways to connect again and after learning we both loved to read, we decided to start a monthly book club we named The Best Friend Book Club. For the first two years, we took turns picking books each month until 2015, when we decided we were both reading so much and recommending the same books so we decided we each get to pick one book each month.

 At the beginning of the month we will post the book choices for the month, so if it sounds like something you would like to read, we would be happy to have you join the club with us! Right now, we will be the ones responsible for picking the book choices (though we are always happy to hear recommendations!). We read a ton of YA but try to mix it up with other genres that sound interesting. It's not always going to be new releases and decisions are made sometimes by picking things we both own but haven't gotten to yet. We will also post recaps every month with our thoughts on that months selections. We are so excited to share our book club and love of books with our fellow internet book nerds!

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