Hey new friends! 

We are Heather and Jen, two Midwest ladies who founded The Best Friend Book Club in 2015 as a creative outlet we could collaborate on. This is our space to share our love of fashion and dressing our different bodies on a budget, all things bookish, and crafting. We also might throw in some cute cat pictures since we are huge cat ladies. Be prepared for feminist rants and book discussions every month. We are so happy you dropped by! 

Meet Heather 

My name is Heather, a reluctant 30 year old who is trying to embrace getting older with style. I'm a mom to twin 7 year olds (lovers of Pokemon, dance parties, and adventures) and currently live with my boyfriend in the small town I grew up in. I commute to work in St. Louis doing customer support for a company I love. 

I'm a feminist, cat mom, wine lover, year round iced coffee drinker, pop culture junkie, wannabe minimalist, adventurer, and my wardrobe rotates between dresses and tshirts. I spend way too much money on books and would basically love to always be eating Thai food.

Since having kids my body has changed, but within the past few years I've embraced the bigger stomach and curvy lumps. I love clothes and figuring out my personal style that looks banging on my body has been amazing. Body positivity is huge for me, so I hope you can find some inspiration here, no matter your shape or size! 

Meet Jen

 Ok, so I'm Jen, which is short for Jennifer, but I've always had more of an affinity for Jen.  I could never pinpoint why that was (other than nicknames are cool, yah know?), but recently Dawson's Creek reminded me that when Jennifer is said in a disappointed, scolding tone it just loses its splendor. I instantly feel like a 10 year old in trouble and am filled with memories of being scolded by my gran (much like with Jen & Gran's relationship on DC).  My anxiety defense mechanism is to laugh uncontrollably loud like Kitty Foreman.  So yea, the name's Jen.

So, if you can't tell by my Dawson's Creek reference, I'm 100% a 90's child. Well, technically I was born in the mid 80's but I remember literally nothing until like 1990.  I'm from the pre-internet at home era, yet I have a hard time understanding how people seriously lived their lives without it. Like, how? I mean, isn't that where ALL the information is stored? IDK how it works but I do know that I'm​ very inspired by the fashion trends of the 90s.  I can always find fashion inspiration while watching Friends.

I'm obsessively crafty, extremely indecisive, a collector of nothing yet everything, a crazy cat lady with feminist tendencies, a comic book hoarder and if I had an uniform it would be some variation of overalls every day, you know, if I had to sum myself up in one horribly grammatical sentence.


  1. hi pretty ladies! my name is colleen and i am so excited to meet you and follow along. :))))


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! We can't wait to get to know you more and to check out your blog as well!