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The quality line will become the key to the rise of China's agricultural industry.

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At present, the innovation, research and development of pesticide preparations, even the route of high-quality, will become the key to the rise of China's agricultural industry, but also the trend of the times. This is related to the new agricultural situation in China. In recent years, with the advancement of land transfer, the cultivated land in China is increasingly concentrated in the hands of a number of professional growers, and large farmers are gradually becoming the main body of China's new agricultural management. Different from the small retail households in their pursuit of cheapness, large farmers are willing to invest in the quality and use of products. Under such circumstances, the concept of three isopropanol amine and pesticide producers must be changed.

In addition, due to the serious pollution of land, China has proposed a pesticide reduction plan. One of the measures is to improve the level of preparation, improve the utilization rate of pesticides, and reduce pesticide consumption.

Although most of the domestic triisopropanolamine and pesticide enterprises are still on the old road to success in marketing, at the same time, a number of "alternative" enterprises have also emerged, not competing directly with agrochemical giants in compound research and development, but moving towards pharmaceutical innovation, concentrating on creating high-quality pesticides, taking the high-quality line, and quickly winning. Get the favor of growers and the recognition of the industry.

According to Silver Triisopropanolamine and other manufacturers understand that most of the domestic pesticide enterprises, take the route of low-quality and low-cost, although the price of pesticide products is low, but due to the limited effect, farmers use more, cost-effective is not high, but also easy to produce resistance. This is a vicious circle.

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