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In 2017, acetic acid market shock upward.

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The acetic acid Market in 2017 is roughly divided into three stages. The first stage is from the beginning of the year to May, the price of acetic acid declines, the second stage is May and June, the price of acetic acid rises briefly, the third stage is the second half of the year, the price of acetic acid continues to rise. The specific reasons are as follows:

Phase I:

Due to the Spring Festival holiday in January, so the market less trading, and acetic acid enterprises as a whole higher operating rate, and affected by fog and haze weather, high-speed road closure across the country, enterprises shipping difficulties, acetic acid industry as a whole inventory pressure increased, acetic acid prices continued to decline. After the Spring Festival, parking enterprises in the downstream industries resumed their work one after another, and the overall demand increased. Especially in the second half of February, the unexpected shutdown of the 800,000-ton/year plant in Jiangsu Province and the 500,000-ton/year plant in Hebei Province caused the supply of acetic acid to decrease and the price to rise briefly. Although March and April were the peak season for traditional demand for chemical products, the holding of the two sessions and the intensification of environmental inspection, together with the centralized maintenance of processions such as acetate, PTA and vinyl acetate, made the demand for acetic acid too weak, resulting in a continuous decline in the price of acetic acid. The overall price is 3005-2593 yuan / ton.

The second stage:

After entering May, the acetic acid market has a total capacity of about 3.6 million tons/year for maintenance and shutdown, including Shanghai Wujing 200,000 tons/year plant, Henan Yima 200,000 tons/year plant, Nanjing Celanese 1.2 million tons/year plant, Yankuang Cathay 1 million tons/year plant, Hebei Jiantao 500,000 tons/year plant, Shandong Hualu 500,000 tons/year plant. A brief shutdown of the unit per year and a large number of plant maintenance shutdowns have strained supply and inventory in the acetic acid market, supporting a brief rise in the price of acetic acid. The price of acetic acid once again dropped slightly after enterprises resumed work in succession. The overall price is 2593-2900 yuan / ton.

The third stage:

In the second half of the year, acetic acid was double affected by domestic trade and exports, and prices rose all the way. Peripherally, a large number of devices in Asia entered the maintenance period, a total of about 1.9 million tons/year of plant shutdown maintenance, North America by the "Harvey" Hurricane and the explosion in the Isman region, the United States multi-unit shutdown maintenance, while India's demand for acetic acid short-term surge, making acetic acid exports record high, to reduce inventories to do so. Good bedding. Domestic demand, Shanghai Huayi 450,000 tons/year unit overhaul for up to three months, but the second half of the acetic acid profitable, making the acetic acid market as a whole starting rate as high as 90%, while downstream vinyl acetate, acetate and PTA and other products started to flourish, increasing the demand for acetic acid, exports and domestic supply reduction, making vinegar Acid prices have risen all the way. In October, transportation in North China was blocked by the 19th National Congress, resulting in increased inventory pressures in some areas. However, the overall acetic acid market was affected by the overhaul of 1.2 million tons/year in Nanjing, 800,000 tons/year in Jiangsu, 450,000 tons/year in Shanghai, 500,000 tons/year in Hebei Jiantao and 250,000 tons/year in Bohai Chemical Industry. Smooth. By the end of the year, due to the "2 + 26" environmental protection policy, most enterprises have entered the overhaul period, acetic acid market start-up rate of about 70%, in the case of tight supply, accelerated the rise in the price of acetic acid. The overall price is 2712-4445 yuan / ton.

Future market forecast

In many ways: due to the winter fog and haze period, traffic and transportation constraints, some enterprises in and out of the goods difficult, coupled with some enterprises into the maintenance period, the overall starting rate of acetic acid industry in 70%, resulting in insufficient enterprise inventory, aggravated the shortage of acetic acid supply. Adverse: Affected by environmental protection policies, the downstream market performance is sluggish, just need to drop, and the price of acetic acid is too high, making downstream merchants more wait-and-see attitude, purchasing enthusiasm decreased. The domestic acetic acid market will remain stable and strong in the future, at a high level of volatility, the price is expected to be around 4500 yuan / ton.


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