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Process description:

Now the process equipment of this enterprise has been transformed by learning from foreign advanced technology, and the semi-automatic production process of external circulation is adopted. The operation before the start is similar to the conventional process. After the initiator and the catalyst are dehydrated by heating and vacuum, a circulation system which has been preheated to the reaction temperature is introduced, and the circulation system starts to circulate the reaction by vacuuming and nitrogen gas and having a certain nitrogen pressure. The liquid material is continuously circulated by the action of the pump and sprayed through the nozzle tube into the gas phase in which the controlled E O and inert gas are mixed. Each droplet is under the same conditions, just as there are many balanced reactors. In this case, due to the large liquid/vapor phase contact area, the liquid portion can quickly reach the equilibrium concentration of the reaction and maintain this concentration throughout the reaction until it enters the receiver. When the molecular weight of the adduct reaches the requirement, it is discharged after being cooled by the heat reducer on the circulation system.
The ethoxylation reaction mass transfer process of the traditional process is the distribution of the EO gas phase (dispersed phase) to the initiator liquid phase (continuous phase), while the process of our plant uses the initiator liquid phase (dispersed phase) to the EO gas phase ( The continuous phase) dispersion of this mass transfer process gives the Press process many advantages: 1 The reaction rate is fast. In this process, the reaction volume per cubic meter of reactor volume and E O is greater than 1 2 0 0 k g / h, which is 4 times that of the conventional process. 2 product quality is high. Since the content of EO in the liquid phase is low and the reaction rate is fast, the side reaction of the polymer adduct at a high temperature is reduced, which contributes to narrowing the molecular weight distribution of the addition product. In addition, the catalyst can be thoroughly mixed before and during the reaction, and there is no temperature gradient in the liquid phase, which is also advantageous for improving product quality. 3 high security. The process is liquid phase dispersion into the gas phase, so that the gas phase of the gas/liquid contactor has excellent electrical conductivity and prevents the formation of static electricity. The amount of EO present in the liquid phase in the reactor is quite low. In the case of sudden power failure and water stoppage, the system stops, the liquidus temperature does not rise, and the reaction does not continue when the circulation loop stops. The safety of the device. 4 easy to automate. Process reactor size standards, easy to control operating parameters, and easy to automate. 5 adaptability. The process can be used to produce more than 200 ethoxy adducts, which is sufficient for the production of our company.

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