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Polycarboxylate high performance superplasticizer new raw material (X-108)

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Polycarboxylate high performance water reducer new raw material (X-108)

Main application: This product is mainly used for producing polycarboxylic series high performance cement water reducer products.

Product characteristics:

1, the product uses highly active catalyst and special synthesis process, the appearance of a lighter color. 2. The product has good selectivity and high retention rate of double-strong, which greatly improves the yield of water reducer products, thereby reducing the production cost of water reducer.

The product has better adaptability to cement.

The cost of the product is much lower than that produced by other types of polycarboxylic acid raw materials.

The product contains 22% solid content and 1.1% concrete content, and the water reduction rate can reach more than 30%.

The product has the characteristics of early strength and high strength. The early strength and 28-day strength are obviously improved. The compressive strength ratio is%:1 d < 180, 3 d < 170, 7 d < 160, 28 d < 150.

The product has high durability, can effectively reduce the water binder ratio of concrete, improve durability, reduce shrinkage and thixotropy.

The product has low slump loss, initial growth trend, and does not affect the strength, has a slow-release effect, slump retention value: > 190mm.

The product is a green environmental protection product, the content of chloride oxygen ion is < 0.1%, in line with ISO14000 international environmental protection management standards.

Packaging, transportation and storage

This product is made of 500Kg or 25Kg lined plastic packaging, stored in a cool and ventilated place, with a storage life of 1 years.

Product indicators:

Detection project


technical specifications


White to yellowish.




PH value





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