Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Heather's Engagement Photos

 Not only is today Valentine's Day, but it marks two months until we get married! Thus it is the perfect time to finally share my engagement photos. My ideal time to get married would be in the fall. It's my favorite season and I would have loved to use a million pumpkins for decorations. Getting engaged in May meant we would either have had to get married in 5 months or 18 months, and neither was ideal. So I settled on a spring wedding and still ended up getting the fall engagement photos I always dreamed of. 

We took these the first weekend in November, one day before I started my new job. I got to wear my favorite color, the weather was gorgeous, and the leaves on the trees were amazing. Plus my photographer is a damn gem. Not only did I find her on Instagram, she also got married at the same venue last June. I'm so excited to see how she captures the wedding day. I'm dealing with a ton of body anxiety related to my wedding, but I am confident she's going to capture me at my most beautiful and happy. I mean, just look at these engagement photos <3

Now, a ton of photos of me and Jarrett looking in love and stuff. Enjoy! 

Monday, February 12, 2018

February Small Goals

January felt like maybe the longest month of all time? How is that possible? I'm ready for February, even if it's a few days shorter and brings me closer to my wedding (which is amazing but also I have a lot of anxiety okay).  Even without remembering what my goals were, I was able to cross off almost all of them, which feels like a good way to kick off the year. I'm ready to make the most of my February and get some more goals accomplished! As always, we are linking up with Nicole at Writes Like a Girl so def go check out all the other kick ass bloggers getting stuff done. 

Jen's January Small Goals
1.  Read 5 Comics.  Boom! Yes, I read all 4 Rat Queens and Misfit City. All great reads!
2. Workout Challenge. I never really nailed down a challenge, but I did work out very consistently this month so complete. 
3. Fabric Scraps.  Nope, but still something I really want to accomplish.
4. Get to Goodwill. Ugh, winter makes it so much harder to be spontaneous with my weekends. This unfortunately didn't happen.
5.  Pay Off Credit Card.  Yes! I paid it off just to charge some back on. Those end of season sales are hard to resist.

3/5 is pretty decent.

February Small Goals 
1. Finish some cross stitch. So I have a bag full of cross stitch projects that are finished but need finishing (turned into a finished project). I'm going to finish up a few projects this month.
2. Start 2018 stitch along. I went back and forth whether I would even do it this year and ultimately signed up late and then supplies we're backordered. Anyway, I'm going to hopefully start it this month.
3. Dress meaningfully. I feel like I'm in a bit of a style rut so I'm going to pretend like I'm dressing for blog pictures everyday, at least days non weekend days.
4. Arm challenge. During my workouts I'm going to focus extra on my arms/back. I want to destroy tank top season this year.
5. Tee organization. My tee collection has gotten pretty crazy lately, between classic, long sleeved and tanks. I need to find a good organizational system for them. Any hacks would be appreciated!

 Heather's January Small Goals 
1. Track eating habits using MyFitnessPal Done! I was able to do this almost every day and it really helped me be mindful of what I was eating. 
2. Read 5 magazines Done! I still have a huge stack but I'm happy I made a small dent. 
3. Spending freeze Maybe the first time I've ever completed a spending freeze? It felt good. I also noticed I'm more thoughtful before pulling the trigger on something I want, which is kind of the goal. 
4. Do a 10x10 wardrobe challenge I honestly forgot this was on the list. I do want to do this, but maybe in the spring when it's not alternating between below zero temps and freezing rain. 
5. Check 3 things off my wedding to-do list I honestly got so much wedding stuff crossed off my list. The girls have flower girl dresses, I have shoes, made hair appointments (and a hair/makeup trial appt.) leading up to the big day, Jarrett got a suit, we figured out his ring size, and found an officiant. Maybe even more than that. It was a productive month for wedding planning.

4/5 goals accomplished 

February Small Goals 
1. Go to the gym 3 times a week My health insurance through work actually pays for your gym membership if you go 12 times a month. I am planning to go on my lunch break at least 3 days a week, which will also help me break the habit of eating lunch at my desk while I work through lunch. 
2. Send some snail mail I've been neglecting my pen pal lately, plus I like to write letters to my grandma so I'm going to prioritize sending some love through snail mail this month. If you like getting mail, email me your address and I'll send you a fun card or something too! 
3. Declutter my bedroom My nightstand is especially disorganized so I'm hoping to declutter and organize my side of the bedroom at least. 
4. Start on wedding DIY list I made a lot of good progress on wedding stuff last month and I need to keep that momentum going with about 60 days left. Mainly I need to order DIY supplies and start on those few projects I have.  
5. Be gentle with myself I have been having a hard time with my body image leading up to the wedding day and I want to balance taking care of myself with eating health and exercise with being kind to myself. I'm getting to marry the person I love who loves me just the way I am. That's the important thing I want to focus on in the weeks leading up to the big day. 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Fierce Feminists

Jen and I have talked pretty heavily about being loud & proud feminists. It's no secret intersectional feminism is our jam and as is graphic tees that proclaim our values for all to see. The only thing better than finding a good feminist tee or sweater is supporting women owned businesses. Valery Brennan is one of the coolest people I know on the internet and is the owner of  Fiercly by Valery Brennan. Not only are her tees and sweaters (and mugs!) great quality & ethically made, she also donates a portion of each sale to organizations like Planned Parenthood, End the Backlog, Sustainable Health Enterprises, Sex Workers Outreach Project, and Women's Prison Association (you get to choose which organization your purchase supports at check out too!). 

She sent me this sweater a few weeks ago and I've basically been living in it ever since. I honestly wear it almost every night when chilling after work, but I also wear it to work at least once a week. It's a my new closet staple. How did I live before this sweater was in my life? It's comfy as all heck & I never want to take it off (and I don't very often tbh). 

Look, I know there's more to feminism than wearing a shirt that says I am one. That's why one of my favorite reasons to shop with Valery is that she also cares about supporting organizations that support those beliefs. I think it's important to speak up and donate money when you can as well. I donate to Planned Parenthood & the ASLU, but I didn't even know about some of the organizations available until I saw Valery post about them. So now I'm thinking a monthly rotating donation to one of those orgs is in my future. I think it's really easy to feel powerless, unsure of how you can make a difference. Even if you only donate $10, it's still something and every little bit helps. 

You can sign up for her newsletter for a 10% off code and she even has a Valentine's deal for free shipping until 2/14. SO MANY OPTIONS GUYS. 

Also I took my style inspo from another blogger I love: Denise at Beauty and the Pleats! She styled her sweater in a similar way and I knew I didn't want to just take photos of me and my sweater and my leggings (even if that's how I'm wearing it 90% of the time). 

Outfit Details 
Sweater {Fiercely by Valery Brennan} / Skirt {Target--gone} / Tights {old from Walmart} / Wedge booties {Target

I think one of the coolest things about being friends with Heather (yah know, besides just having a bestie) is she always knows where the cool things and people are.  I always feel like I am light years behind her in coolness. In fact, she gifted me this sweater! So, of course, I wasn't surprised when she started talking about Valery's blog and instagram.  I've been following Val for probably about the last year and she also ranks pretty high on the coolness chart. I also find her foray into the feminist tee business damn inspiring. 

Y'all, Val, is doing it right. When people talk about being all inclusive, THIS is what they mean. For example, she used to offer cropped tees in her shop, but since they only go up to a certain size and she couldn't stock them in ALL sizes she quit carrying that style and provided her customers with tips to customize their own shirts into crops.  The inclusivity warms my heart like nothing else could.

Wearing super liberal things on your chest in a mainly Republican small town can bring a bit of anxiety, honestly.  You never know how the message will be received and if you will receive any snark because of it.  Sometimes people make mean comments or give you snide looks. On the other hand, I like to let people know what I'm all about in hopes of connecting with other open minded people and it happens more than I give credit.  Right after we shot these photos, a petition gatherer approached me while I was getting gas to sign a medical marijuana petition (which I gladly did). This sweater has already brought me closer to other like minded people!

I know the word "Feminism" turns a lot of people off, but y'all it only means equality for all and I'm unsure how anyone couldn't support that. 

If feminist swag isn't your jam, you should at least follow Val on Instagram. She has killer style and does such fun make up videos that it is hard to not become obsessed with her content. I won't fan girl any further but check it out!

Outfit Details 
Sweater {Fiercely by Valery Brennan} / Cat print button up {delias-olddd} / Jeggings {Old Navy} / Kicks {These were actually a Christmas present from my brother last year}{Journey} / Glasses {Glasses Lit}

Friday, February 2, 2018

February Book Club

Hey Friends! It's February 1st and time for us to announce our book club pick!  

We've been doing book club for so long now, that we've kind of thrown all the rules out the window in regards to how we make our selections. Heather had a great idea to dedicate this month to comic books. I immediately was on board because I think I might love comic books more than regular books at the moment.  Anyway, the rules are pretty loose; we are just picking random comics we've had on our TBR lists and reading as many and we can fit in.  I've lent Heather a ton recently (like at least 10), I'm putting holds on comics/graphic novels at the library, downloaded my library's app to read comics electronically and I'm combing through my Amazon wish list to strategize what comics to purchase for the month. You know, mostly deciding if I'm on Team Archie or Team Jug Head (obviously Jug Head because he's the resident bad boi!).  At the end of the month, we'll do a wrap up and discuss each and every comic we were able to squeeze in this month.  If you were cool, you'd join along.

We'll both be instagramming our comic journeys this month pretty hard, so you should probably be following us there too if you aren't already. Heather's handle is @webbheather_ & mine's @gnomecat.  Feel free to stalk us in a non-murderish type of way.