Monday, September 11, 2017

August Reading List

Welcome to a new monthly post! We are big readers (what gave it away?) and while we do mention some books in our monthly rewind posts and book club discussions, there are so many books that don't get mentioned. Hopefully this new series changes that! Each month we will round up what we read that month with links and info on what we liked/disliked about each one. It will be a fun way to talk more about what we are reading and to recommend more things if you are looking for your next read. So here's what we read in August! 

Heather's August Reading List 
Giant Days Vol. 5 
So Giant Days is probably my favorite comic and every time Jen tells me she has the next installment I get insanely pumped. It's about 3 friends and their ups and downs in university. They are now in their second year and I'm really enjoying following along!

The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee 
Our book club choice for August! It was a little longer than what I've been reading recently but I really enjoyed this. There was so much representation in this and it was handled so well. Plus it was funny and romantic and had a dash of adventure thrown in for good measure. We will talk about it more soon in the official book club post on it.

New American Best Friend by Olivia Gatwood 
This slim book of poetry was pretty fantastic. I love the video of Olivia reading her poem "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" so I picked up her book to see what else she had. It was quick and enjoyable. I don't read a ton of poetry but this was a good one to dive into when you have 30 minutes.

Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson
One of my favorite thillers I've read was The Kind Worth Killing by this author so when I saw this new book on Instagram I ordered it immediately then put it on my shelf for months. I needed something quick and mysterious so I grabbed this and read it in one night. It follows Kate who switches apartments with a cousin she's never met (she's in London, he's in Boston) while recovering from a personal trauma. When she arrives at her cousin's apartment, there's an investigation into the murder of the next door neighbor, who her cousin may or may not have been involved with. I think The Kind Worth Killing is better, but I do enjoy the way this author reveals information in his books. It was still fantastic and exactly what I was looking for at the time.

The Rules Do Not Apply by Ariel Levy 
I've seen a lot of buzz around this book of essays and it was exactly as heartbreaking as promised. I cried a few times in it and also finished it in one day. It was hard to read at times but it was so well written and fascinating. You really feel for Ariel. At times it felt more fiction than reality, which I think just adds to the heartbreaking nature of it. It details the loss of her child and marriage in pretty much succession. Tough stuff for sure.

Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience and Finding Joy by Sheryl Sandberg 
My favorite read this month. I didn't read Lean In and I don't think I realized this book focused so heavily on grief, but it was the exact read I needed. I needed this book a year ago when my mom died and I was struggling personally and at work. Having someone else echo the struggles I had with work and confidence after my moms death was so reassuring. I also loved the focus on resiliency that comes after you experience the death of someone close. Even if it isn't as personal to you as it was to me, I still highly recommend this book!

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena 
A thriller I picked up from the library. I liked it ok. It focuses on a couple whose baby disappears when they are at dinner next door. It has a few different points of view, like the cop investigating the disappearance, the mother and father of the baby, and the couple next door whose house they were at when the baby disappeared. While it was a quick read, I didn't stay as engaged as I hoped and the reveal at the end was kind of blah.

Romancing the Throne by Nadine Jolie Courtney 
Another library book. This was so cute! It focuses on two sisters who attend the same boarding school with the prince of England. They are new money so it has a lot of class  issues, as well as a sisterly romantic rivalry.  It was another quick, cute read. While there were some small problems, mostly with the way friendship was depicted (personal preference really) it was a really fun read. Why are reading about royals so fun?

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Jen's August Reading List 
Georgia Peaches & Other Forbidden Fruit by Jaye Robin Brown
This one was pretty interesting. It's about a lesbian girl whose father is a preacher who recently got remarried into a very stuffy family and move to an even more conservative area.  The father asks the daughter to hide her true orientation from the world and pretend to be a straight person for her senior. That of course is a major fail since she immediately falls in love with a chick at her new school.  Relationships are made and hurt but there is a lot of growth and understanding and it had a happy ending which almost always sits well with me. I thoroughly enjoyed this especially with the heavy religious ties and how that can affect relationships. 

Step Aside Pops by Kate Beaton
This was a graphic novel I had picked up from the library. It was very pop culture heavy and full of puns which I really enjoy.  I now realize it is part of the Hank, the Vagrant series so I'm on the lookout for the other volumes.  I would recommend this one to anyone who loves pup culture references.

The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee 
This one was so cute and quirky. It reminds me of a royal romcom. Adventures were had, mistakes were made but love and friendship wins out in the end. Like Heather said, we'll discuss this more in our monthly book discussion, but it was definitely a solid 4 stars for me.

Clueless by Amber Benson
Clueless has always been one of my most favorite movies. It's so 90s centric, the fashion, the vocabulary the silly teens! Ahh! I love it all so much. I was about 10 when this movie came out but I was so envious of Cher and her closet and her credit card. She was always the cool teen I've aspired to be my whole life. Anyway-hello Clueless comic. I preordered it (obviously) and it didn't disappoint. It was silly and cute and still super fashionable and topical. I recommend it to all 90's babes out there.

Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick
I'll be the first to admit, I didn't really know a lot about Anna Kedrick before reading this. I remember her small role in Twilight and that she starred in Pitch Perfect (still haven't seen it-I know get out form under the rock I'm living) but other than that I didn't have a lot of reference. Amazon was running an ebook sale so I grabbed it because I love me a celebrity biography. She was super down to earth and almost reminded me of a character from the show Girls, but in like the best of ways.  I really enjoyed her realness and I feel like she could be a cool person to hang out with.

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