Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Just a Couple of Cat Ladies

Meow Friends! I like to think both Heather and I are known for our cat lady tendencies.  We are both cat mamas who like to frequent cat cafes just to chill with cats we haven't personally spoiled. They are just more well behaved, yah know?  Anyway, Heather had the great idea of having a cat themed outfit shoot and I was 100% on board.  It feels like I'm always snatching something up that has crazy cat lady written all over it.  What I didn't anticipate was that most of those things are more appropriate for the fall and winter. I guess I'm just more prone to wanting to stay cozy and warm like a cat during those months? IDK, but this theme ended up being more challenging than I anticipated and I'm now on the hunt for some summerish cat outfits.

Where I fail at having a cat themed summer outfit ready to go, I make up for in cat themed tees and accessories.    The sunglasses alone are ridiculous enough to win a crazy cat lady Halloween contest. This is one of those rare outfits where I absolutely love each piece individually as well as collectively.  These heels are very new to my wardrobe and I've been stressing a little over this block heeled trend. Obviously I love the style but I usually lack in fanciness when it comes to shoes. I hate feeling restricted and like I can't strut my normal strut. Amazingly enough though, block heels are so much different than other types of heels I've been accustomed to. I don't feel like I'm struggling in them or teetering around. My overall strut isn't affected so I'm calling them a win.   

Also, what is it about wearing leather that makes you feel fancy? This skirt always makes me feel super fancy and just a tad bit sexy, especially paired with these heels.  I bet sexy isn't an adjective you would expect to hear to described a cat themed outfit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Outfit Details:
Cat Tee (Passive Juice Motel-retired print) / Skirt (Forever 21-last summer) / Sandals (Forever 21) / Cat Clutch (Christmas present) / Cat Sunglasses (Glasses Lit-sold out, for obvious reasons)

Like Jen said, I found putting together a cat themed outfit a little harder than I expected even though the theme was my idea. While I have quite a few cat themed things in my closet, I had a tough time deciding on outfits. This one is one that's both my summer outfit and out of my comfort zone, blog wise. I was a little nervous about wearing shorts on the blog, but shorts are something I have to wear in the humidity that is starting to climb here in Missouri. I do think it's good to push myself on the blog and not just stick with my default of skirts and tops. 

So this outfit is kind of my summer uniform lately. A nice loose top with some fitted bottoms and cute sandals. Before the humidity kicked up, I was rocking these kind of tops with leggings around the house. My stomach is my area that I am constantly working on loving since it's where I hold my weight and is not my favorite body part. But it's hot out and I don't want to feel like I'm restricted to wearing things that are maybe more flattering but aren't as comfy and cool. Plus I love this top so much. The cats on it and the peter pan collar make this something I can wear casually but also can be dressed up easily too. 

Outfit Details 
Cat top {Modcloth} / Shorts {American Eagle} / Shoes {Target

The girls came along with us while we took outfit photos so of course I had to stop in the middle of it to help figure out Pokemon Go. Mom life is just constantly answering requests from your kids at all times, even inconvenient ones. Ha! 

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