Monday, June 5, 2017

June Small Goals

June is here which means the year is almost half way over. I will never get over how quickly the passage of time goes so I won't bother even talking about how time flies. It's getting hotter in Missouri so the humidity is on the rise and I'm kind of bummed that the days of leaving my windows open all day are probably numbered. But I am excited for summer and all the fun things it brings. It's my favorite season and I'm so excited for it to start filling up with activities. May was kind of a killer month for both of us. For maybe the first time ever we both accomplished all 5 of our small goals! I'm really hoping I can bring that energy into June as well and smash our goals for this month too. As always we are linking up with Nicole over at Writes Like a Girl so make sure you stop by to check out all the other goals that are linked up! 

Jen's May Small Goals 
1. Sew a romper. I just need to add buttons so done!  
2.  Selfless Crafting.  Well, I made my mom a quilt for Mother's Day in less than 2 weeks so I'm calling this one a huge success.
3. Renew library card. Done. Renewed card, checked out books, then had overdue books that have been rechecked out. Not sure why I thought it would be good for my mental health to get back into the library game.
4. No T-shirt orders.  Man, I'm not going to lie, I really expected this to be a huge failure this month but I did not buy one tee this month. Not even a tank or anything. I can hardly believe it.
5. Listen to one classic audiobook.  I'm over half way through Pretty Women. It's a pretty ok story and reminds me of simpler times. It also reminds me that I should always be grateful.  I have a few hours left, but I'm calling this a win too.

5/5 - This is basically unheard of.

June Small Goals
1. Frame my 2016 Cross Stitch Project.  I finished up this project months ago but haven't made finishing it a priority. I think I've decided I'm going to frame it in a mustard frame. I think it will compliment my National Parks project very well.  The goal: order frame and frame it!
2. Wear Sandals.  This is such a silly goal. If I could wear Converse or Toms everyday I seriously would. This causes neglect among my seasonal shoes.  This month I'm going to actively remind myself to wear sandals most days (unless it's raining, of course). Hopefully this will be a habit forming mechanism.
3. Make 2 Garments. Sew (haha), I made 3 skirts and a romper this last month. That's basically a garment a weekend and that sort of progress feels phenomenal (especially since I cranked a quilt out too!)  My goal is to sew 2 new garments this month. I've already purchased fabric so this should be pretty doable.
4.  Morning Routine.  Last summer I had the best morning routine. Up by 5:30, shower, breakfast and yoga and then get ready for work and read. Lately, this has all gone to hell since my husband would rather soak up that last half an our of sleep. I miss my morning yoga and reading on the porch and I need to figure out how to fit all this back into my daily schedule!
5.  Join a Sew Along.  Heather emailed information about a bodysuit sew along. It's exactly that, Rowan is hosting a sew along on their blog to help their readers create bodysuits. I'm an avid fan of this particular garment and was super pumped when Heather shared this information with me.  I can't wait to be able to make alllllll the bodysuits!

Heather's May Small Goals
1. Track my spending Done and done! Jarrett and I budget together monthly so keeping track of where my money goes is super helpful. I also cut down on spending by at least half from April just from keeping daily track of how my budget looked. 
2. Get out of the house once a week Another one down! This one was easier than I thought it would be. Each weekend seemed to fill up. I also made some plans with friends during the week and made more of an effort to be the one who initiated plans. I can tell a huge difference in my mindset from April to May. 
3. Settle on a morning routine Mostly done. I have a routine in place but since I got back to work soon I want to continue tweaking this to get it down before that happens. For now it's wake up, meditate for 10 minutes, drink one glass of water, workout. It takes me about an hour and helps me start my day on the right foot. 
4. Catch up on podcasts This one might never be done! But I did make a huge effort to listen to podcasts that have been sitting on my subscription list for awhile. I also started going on some long walks so I could get 1-2 hours of podcast time in a few times a week. I made a huge effort with this so while it's not totally caught up, I did get a lot of listening done so I'm counting it as complete. 
5. Digital clean up And done! I spent 2 hours cleaning up my inbox, deleting things that needed to deleted and putting the remaining emails into folders. I try to go in every day to keep this up and it feels pretty manageable. I also made a big dent in Facebook saved links. I went through and read most of them. Some of them I just deleted without reading. I feel so much lighter now! 

5/5 complete! 

June Small Goals 
1. Finish knitting sweater front I finished the back of a sweater I'm knitting in April but have been putting off starting the front. I want to make that a priority in the evenings when watching tv and complete this by the end of June. 
2. Make a Return to Work plan I got back to work in July and I'm starting to feel more and more anxious the closer it gets. I want to make a plan so I feel like I'm a little more in control and to calm some of my anxiety about going back. 
3. Narrow down wedding venue search Wedding planning is kind of overwhelming. We haven't been super serious about it, but I've been keeping a big list of possible venues and I'd like to narrow it down. At the end of the month I'm hoping to have 5-6 possibilities instead of like 30.  
4. Have a "Girl Day" with Emily and Morgan One of our favorite things to do since the girls were little has been to have a "girl day". It's just about hanging out the 3 of us and doing something fun. It's a nice way to connect since I only have them every other week. I want to plan something fun for girl day with them soon. 
5. Go camping We bought a tent a few months ago on sale but have yet to get it out of the box. I'd like to go camping at least once this month, even if it's just in our backyard. 


  1. Jen, wear sandals is totally not a silly goal - I have so much "seasonal" stuff that just never gets worn! Drives me nuts. Heather, good luck with wedding venue shopping! Can't wait to see what you choose :)

  2. I wish I had room (and time) to finish some of my sewing projects and ideas. Great goals.

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