Friday, March 24, 2017

Going Green

Hey friends!

We are back with an outfit post AND we are linking up with the bad ass ladies who host Diversity Chic!  They chose the theme "Shades of Green" - for March, duh.  We both really enjoy this link up. It's so fun putting together an outfit based on a theme someone else dreams up.  It takes a layer of the pressure off and we really enjoy exploring how others plan outfits around the same theme.  You get such a mixture of kick ass outfits and personalities.  Anyway, these are the Green  outfits we chose:

So, green is one of my favorite colors (obvs, based on my glasses choice) and as I was combing through my closet I discovered I actually own a lot of different shades of green--even a lovey pea green that I'm sure only I and Rachel Green find attractive.  I was having a very indecisive morning but once I realized green would go great with my new floral bomber, I decided to just build the outfit around that.  I also recently bought a couple of long sleeved bodysuits and I feel like they are completely transforming my wardrobe and my ability to layer.  They've literally just "made" so many outfits.

As I'm sure you can tell, we got a little silly with our poses this time. We are really trying to find our "signature" poses and mixing things up to see what works for us.  

Me: Determined to find a signature glasses pose and probably failing. :)

Now that I think about it, I do find it funny that I have such an affinity for green since I really don't love St. Patrick's Day. Can we all just agree this isn't a real holiday? I also feel like I trashed Valentine's Day so maybe I'm just not a huge holiday person (other than decorating for holidays!). Just call me Debbie Downer or Complaining Cassidy.  It does remind me of spring and flowers and new life and GNOMES after a long, cold winter so maybe that's where my love for green comes from. 

Outfit Details
Bodysuit {Forever 21} / Jeggings {H&M - beware they lack pockets} / Booties {Rue 21} / Bomber {Forever 21 - recently sold out (similar)}

Even though we are linking up late, I was pretty excited to bust out some green this month for the Diversity Chic link up. Unlike Jen, I don't own a ton of green. I've worn this skirt on the blog before, but I think I own a green plaid dress and a green cardigan. That's it. Which is a little weird, because green goes great with my bright red hair. I might have to start adding more green into my wardrobe this Spring! 

These photos were so fun to shoot. We are so bad about never looking for pose inspiration until we are shooting the photos themselves, but this time we got super playful and it was fun to hang out with my bestie looking cute and taking pictures for the blog. I also got to rock my new sweater, which I've worn so many times since I got it, mostly because sweater weather is coming to a close and it's almost time to retire long sleeves. I also got to bust out my new hair waver which is one of the best things I've bought. I consistently get hair compliments when I use it. 

I'm a fan of most holidays, though I have never celebrated St. Patricks Day (or Mardi Gras) but I hope one day to maybe drink some green beers at a parade or something. I'm becoming less likely to venture out to crowded things as I get older, but I also have a great time when I push myself out of my comfort zone of my couch so I'm trying to balance those new experiences with maybe not going too crazy (your girl just cannot handle a hangover like I used to).

Outfit Details 
Sweater {Stay Home Club--hurry they are retiring this design soon!} / Skirt {Modcloth-sold out but here's a similar one} / Booties {Target

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