Thursday, March 2, 2017

February Rewind

{From top left: work photo booth on Valentine's Day, sunset after work, Super Bowl snacks, baby blanket I made for a friend}

I’ve become a regular at my local library this month it seems like. I love putting books I’m interested on hold and waiting for them with the interlibrary loan program. Then they all come in at once and I’m reading 4 books at a time. This month I was able to dive into some good thrillers: The Woman in Cabin 10 and The Beautiful Dead. I also read a kindle book Hate List, which is a YA that deals with the aftermath of a school shooting. It was so heartbreaking but interesting. It’s told from the point of view of the shooter’s girlfriend  and I cannot recommend this book enough.

This month has been all about the Oscars. I think I’ve mentioned the yearly Oscar bet I have with my boyfriend, so almost every night we have been watching at least one Oscar nominated movie a night (sometimes like 5-6 movies on weekends). I’m planning on writing a post with my favorite Oscar nominated movies so I’ll leave this for now. 

This month I’ve started listening to The Night Circus on my commute and it’s so lovely! Jim Dale narrates it and he might be the best narrator of an audiobook I’ve had so far. The story is also so interesting and magical. Besides that, I’ve fit in a few episodes of the podcast Sooo Many White Guys by Phoebe Robinson. She’s hilarious and her guest are always funny with interesting perspectives. 

Also this month:

*One Year Celebrations
This month had two big milestones for me. I got to celebrate one year at Square (the coolest job around) and one year of officially living with Jarrett. The past year has flown by and while I didn’t do anything too big to celebrate either, it’s always fun to see how far things have come in the past year. 

*Vacation time 
I’m prepping this post early so by the time you read this I will be on a mini vacation in Arizona! I would say I’m excited for warmer temps but it’s been in like the 70s for the past week in Missouri. I am excited to see family and to take the girls on their first “vacation”. We are also spending one day at the Grand Canyon so all the hiking we are about to do will be exciting. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to blow up Instagram with all my cool vacation pics. 

*New Crafts 
This month I made a baby blanket for a dear friends baby shower! I bought the fabric weeks ago but I'm awful at procrastinating and finished it one day before the shower. It's one of my favorite craft things I've made and I know my friend loved the handmade touch. I also have been knitting hats like crazy for me and the girls. I want to knit a million hats but I don't think my joints can handle that. 

{From top left: Holiday Garland, Holiday Table Runners, Winter Cross-stitch, Hooch cuddles}
Yea, I'm still in a weird book funk. I reread Truthwitch and proceeded to Windwitch by Susan Dennard. It's a fun fantasy series but I found myself not as enthused about it this go round. Guysssss, this is the weirdest reading space I've been in since we've stared this club and I'm really hoping to move past this hurdle soon. 

Oh man, so I watched The People vs. OJ Simpson on Netflix and I loooooved it. I was just so transfixed.  I was under 10 when it happened so I don't remember a lot and I found the entire saga so interesting! I think it's inspiring a true crime love so I naturally stared How to Get Away with Murder and I'm super into it. I'm about to wrap up season 1.  I also started watching Girls with my husband and I'm finding the awkwardness absolutely hilarious. I wasn't single at all in my 20's and I find the awkwardness of the sexual experiences most interesting and I can't stop wondering what my 20's would have been like if I were single. My guess, awkward AF. 

I'm finally, finally all caught up on The Best of Friend's Podcast.  I've only been listening to it for about 10 months so it feels great to listen to actual current events thrown in with friend's talk.  I've started Gilmore Guys and I'm super enjoying that. But I'm still searching for something new and refreshing so hit me up with any suggestions!

Also this month:
Cut the Cord
I've been wanting to cancel cable for a couple of years now. It just seems like such a crazy expense when you can sign up for a few streaming services for a fraction of the costs.  My husband however, is a huge baseball fan and was super resistant to this idea until he found a streaming service with his specific sports package and then he was sold. Now we are a cable free home and we are saving money while still getting to watch most of our shows.  Seems like a win so far.

Craft To-Do List
Yeah, yeah. I know this was a goal which was a complete fail last month. But I've sat down, wrote out a list, went through supplies on hand, ordered supplies I needed to finish projects and organized some supplies.  I've actually already made a little headway on my list and it feels good to know what direction my crafty life will take for the next several months. Still no quilt projects....yet.

Upgraded Jacket Wardrobe
Man, I don't know what it was about February, but I was on a major jacket purchasing kick. It must have been all the pleasant spring weather we've been experiencing.  Anyway, I bought a total of 3 jackets and I felt like I was showing considerable restraint. But I'm pleased to announce I'm now part of the moto jacket club! I also bought to amazing bomber jackets: a super shiny one and a floral one. The shiny bomber jacket is literally my favorite thing. 

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