Monday, January 9, 2017

January Small Goals

Hey blog friends! So December flew by and I was decidedly not small goals focused. I do like the feeling of January, when everyone is setting goals for the year, putting out all those intentions and good vibes. This month I did things a little differently. I took a look at my birthday goals and tried to make small goals that helps me get to my bigger goals. There is so much negativity and scary possibilities attached to this year as well, so I really love these monthly link ups focused on personal improvement. As always, we are linking up with Nicole at Writes Like a Girl so go check out all the small goals linked there as well! 

Jen's December Small Goals
1. Buy NOTHING! I think the only think I ordered was a Harry Potter sweater from wickedclothes. I was working like crazy in December and it was cold and I needed it. I did really good this month so I'm not even counting it. It's also like the 2nd day of January and I've already placed two orders. *shrugs shoulders*
2.  Crafty Ornaments. I only had time to make one set, but a made a crochet set of old fashioned light ornaments. They were a super quick afternoon project that I was happy to be able to squeeze in before Christmas.
3. Christmas Cookies/Treats.  Yes!! I made candy and cookies to take various places. Then I made a bunch of treats for New Years too. I've definitely been on top of the seasonal treats!
4. Find Yoga focused workout.  HA! I seriously picked the wrong month for that nonsense. But I'm really getting back to my exercising this week for reals and it's probably going to hurt.
5. Clean up my Personal Email. I've really been hesitant about this one and it makes me feel like a pack rat. I know I don't need those emails but I'm being ridiculous about coming up with excuses not to clean it out.

3/5,  I can live with that.

January Small Goals 
1.  Read 1 book a week.  I've felt a little disconnecting from reading lately and I'm really hoping to get my reading mojo back! I'm planning on setting aside some serious book nights and hopefully refall in love with reading time.
2.  Follow Blogilates January Calendar.  I haven't worked out since November. I've had zero motivation. But after a couple of months off, I can feel the effects of not working out and I'm ready to get back into it.  I've had good success with Blogilates in the past so I'm jumping back on board!
3.  Dress up more.  Guys, I loooove my casual wardrobe so much! But, I've been way neglecting it lately.  I'm purposing to give the rest of my wardrobe a little love this month because I really love it too!  I'm not just all about graphic tees.
4.  Start a winter themed cross stitch pattern.  I'm itching for a new winter themed table runner. I'm also super into The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery cross stitch and I've never really been able to reuse a pattern.  I'm planning on stitching the snowball fight scene from Gingerbread Lane and then turning that into a cute table runner. I at least want to get this project started.
5.  Make a 2017 Crafty To Do List.  This year I think I'm taking the year off quilt wise. I love making quilts, but my house has become overwhelmed with them. I think I'll always want to work up different quilt patterns so taking a break and focusing on something different will do me (and my house) some good.  I think the theme of 2017 is going to be seasonal and with some feminism thrown in.

Heather's December Small Goals 
1. Send out holiday cards  Total fail. I did buy holiday cards from Target, but didn't end up getting them sent out 
2. Don't spend any money on myself  Hahahaha! Major fail, unfortunately. 
3. Get back into my workout routine  I had good intentions and started on this, then got sidelined with an intestinal infection after my birthday and am just now amping back up to this. 
4. Celebrate turning 30 with my friends  
5. Handmade holiday gifts  I ran out of time and didn't make clear goals on what holiday gifts I wanted to make, or for who. 

1/5 goals accomplished. Yikes! 

January Small Goals 
1. Make some delicious curry  Would you believe that 2015 was the first time I ever tried Thai food and how insane is that? I LOVE Thai food! I've basically always got curry on my mind. I'd like to perfect making it at home. I've tried before and haven't got it quite right yet. 
2. Updated my resume  I've been debating recently if where I am at now career wise is the place I want to be. I need to polish my resume, because you never really know right? 
3. Send 6 pieces of snail mail  One of my birthday goals is to send more snail mail. I have so many cards and postcards, I need to send some out. Everyone loves fun mail! Also, totally let me know if you need to receive some happy mail and I'll happily send some your way! 
4. Wash my face nightly  I am so bad about this. I really want to have a solid skin care routine, but I'd settle for taking my make up off each night for now. 
5. Work on a blog schedule (something Jen and I can both edit and contribute to!)  I'm working on setting something up on Google Drive with blog related stuff we can both edit and work on together. 

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  1. Jen - you'll have to let me know how the Blogilates calendar goes, I'm always curious about it.

    Heather - snail mail is on my list for the entire year!

    Great small goals ladies, I can't wait to see how you do with your January goal lists.