Saturday, December 10, 2016

31 Before 31

Hey girl hey! Last Friday I turned 30 and it was maybe the best day. I got to celebrate with my friends at my favorite restaurant Lulu's Local Eatery and even got a surprise cake that my boyfriend arranged with Genuinely Baked, a really kick ass vegan dessert queen. Then we got drinks at a local brewery, 4 Hands. It was awesome and fun and I fell asleep with a huge smile on my face, feeling so loved. 

Literally the next day I came down with a sickness like nothing that's ever happened to me before. This intense, constant pain in my stomach and back. It's still happening but I ended up going to the doctor yesterday who diagnosed me with a intestinal infection. Super fun right? The worst part is there is no antibiotics that you can take for it, you just kind of have to wait for it to pass. It's miserable. I'm on a bland diet and water only right now, so I've been holed up on my couch all week. 30 is not starting out super great. 

After sharing all that fun stuff, I wanted to share my birthday goals for this next year. I've been working on this list for the past few months, jotting down things that I thought would be fun to accomplish in the next year. I also took awhile looking over from last year. I didn't accomplish even half the things I set out to do so I wanted to me more intentional with this list. I want to stretch myself but also be realistic. I feel like I have a good mix of those things and I'm excited to see what 30 has in store for me! 

31 Before 31

1. Send one piece of snail mail a week
2. Go somewhere I've never been
3. Pay off all debt
4. Go camping
5. Take the beebs on vacation
6. Listen to one new album a week
7. Sew 5 different items of clothing
8. Book a trip out of the country
9. Reread the Sword of Truth series
10. Have a booth at a craft fair
11. Get a tattoo for mom
12. Knit a sweater and/or shawl
13. Throw a surprise party
14. Get family photos taken
15. Write a book
16. Become a top performer at my job
17. Take the girls to see a musical
18. Start a personal blog
19. Move
20. Upgrade furniture (bed frame, coffee table, tv stand, bookshelves)
21. Get a skincare routine
22. Make my health a priority (exercise & healthy eating)
23. Go on a solo day trip
24. Make a large weaving
25. Redecorate the girls room
26. Read one personal development book a month
27. Figure out a few go to hairstyles
28. Donate to causes I care about monthly
29. Get involved in politics and causes locally
30. Start an IRL Book Club
31. Host a wine club

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