Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hard to Style Pieces

Hey yahhhhh, friends! I'm pleased and a little saddened to bring you our last summer outfit post.  I always feel a little sad when summer is coming to a close, but I'm very quick to embrace everything fall.  Heather had a fun idea of picking out a piece that is hard to style and really focusing to style the hell out of it.  I hate when you love an article of clothing, but just can't find a way to style it that brings you confidence.  This was a serious challenge and I loved the results.  Plus, we didn't discuss our pieces before the shoot which ended up being a lot of fun since we weren't able to influence the other in any way.

For my hard to style piece, I chose this eyelet crop top.  Or should I say, extreme crop top.  I'm super into the crop top trend but this is probably the most cropped one I own. It hits several inches above the belly button.  I prefer my crops to graze the top of my bottoms, with just a sliver of skin showing.  For reals, I own  A LOT of high-waisted bottoms and these shorts are literally the only pair that doesn't make this crop top look obscene.

Personally, I love how this look turned out.  It's a very All-American, classic summer outfit.  It looks like I'm off to attend a BBQ or maybe going to the local ice cream parlor.  I'm a little sad this was and probably will be the only wear this outfit gets this summer.

Outfit Details:
Crop Top (wetseal) / Shorts (Modcloth) / Kicks (Toms) / Jelly Purse (sunjellies) /
Kelso & Jackie Pins (Heartificial) / Jelly Bracelets (Etsy)

Public Service Announcement: That 70's Show is the best show ever. Watch it. Live It. It's on Netflix if you have been deprived.  Now back to our regularly scheduled outfit post.

Hey-o! Once we decided on the theme of hard to style pieces, I knew I needed to pull out this jacket/cardigan thing that I bought last year. I’ve worn it exactly once and find it really hard to pull off. I’m not one to hang on to items that I don’t wear often or that I have a hard time making work. I am just not into outfits that aren’t comfy or easy to pull off. I recently did a huge clothing purge and just could not bring myself to part with this jacket. It’s suede and fringe and just freaking cool. So I’m resolving to wear it more. My boyfriend insisted it needed something colorful so I threw on this skirt and called it an outfit. It feels like this outfit is made up of pieces that shouldn’t work together, but I’m in love with this whole look. I’m going to have to throw it into my regular outfit rotation going forward. 

Outfit Details
Shirt {Passive Juice Motel} / Skirt {Modcloth} / Jacket {Rue 21} / Shoes {Forever 21} / Sunglasses {Rack and Clutch

Do you have any hard to style pieces? What do you do when this happens? I'll admit, sometimes I'm quick to throw it in the donation pile. But man, it feels so good to be able to work it.

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