Friday, August 19, 2016

Oh My Overalls

Hey friends! Are you ready for an overall fashion edition of Bestie Style? If you want my opinion, it is way overdue!

Overalls are one of my most favorite fashion trends.  They are such a 90's throwback.  My childhood was filled with them. I wore hand-me-downs from my brother. I had matching ones with my sister. My mom had several pairs. Rachel from Friends rocked the shit out of them. To me, they are timeless staple pieces. They are so easy to style, look effortless and are comfortable as hell. Plus, the bibs make a great canvas to display your pingame.  I love that they come in so many options: long pants, shorts, capri length and as a dress/skirt.  They just seem so versatile! At this point, I think I have more overalls than fingers on one hand so the love is strong. I'm constantly keeping my eye open for overall outfit ideas and really just overalls in general. 

Outfit details:
Shorteralls  (ASOS) / Tee (Forever 21) / Kicks (Converse) / Pins (see below) 

Pin Details:
The Snape pin is from OsloandAlfred on Etsy.
The cat pins are from ThePinkSamurai on Etsy.
The WhateverForever pin is by Sara M. Lyons.
The Office Space pin is by Houseof4D.
Stay at Home Club is by Stay at Home Club.
The 5 remaining pop culture pins are from Heartificial on Etsy. 

Also, with all the intellectual property theft going on in the pin world, especially in regards to Zara's blatant thievery, I'm advocating to shop independent and not big corporations. It is hard enough to establish a business without this type of setback. Support your local artists, friends!

Outfit Details 
Overall shorts (Target/clearance) / Striped Tee (Target) / Sandals & Sunglasses (Forever 21) 

Are overalls a staple in your life too? Hit us up in the comments about your favorite pair or send us hints where we can find some new pairs for our collection. Share your secret love of overalls with us!

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