Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Up in the Mountains: Hiking Part 2

Welcome to round 2 of my vacation recap hiking posts! Check out part 1 for the gist of the trip before diving in to the hikes we went on around the Fort Collins area. My one disappointment was that I didn't get to check out the Rocky Mountains again on this trip. We went last year and it literally took my breath away, but getting to see these different kinds of places close to Fort Collins was also really cool. I did get kind of bummed that I've maybe been on like 7 hikes total in Colorado and there are so many more I haven't done. I would live here in a heartbeat so I could hike my heart out every weekend. I do need to get in better shape because the hikes in this post kicked my ass. 

Lady Moon Trail

I love a good hike to a place named Disappointment Falls. I picked the hike since there were a lot of intersecting trails and what we thought would be a quick 3 mile hike turned into a 7 mile hike. Maybe don't let me be in charge of picking trails that I choose based only on how hilarious I think the name is.

This hike was beautiful, but was almost all downhill for the first half so the way back was all uphill and exhausting. I loved hiking through the valley to get to the trail and having to cross a pretty swift stream. Once we got to the falls, it was indeed a little small and disappointing but I loved it anyway. I spent all day chatting with Jarrett and getting to see so much beautiful scenery, I could spend every day like this. I would love to go back to this area and check out the hikes on the other side of the road from here next time we are in town. 

Grey Rock

My favorite and hardest hike. This time we were joined by our friends Adam and Russel and their dogs, which was the best. This was definitely the most intense hike I've been on. It's almost exclusively up mountain so you are just constantly climbing to get to the top of this mountain to Grey Rock. I mentioned before that I am in decent shape, but we did so much activity leading up to this hike (the Lady Moon Trail was the day before) that about halfway up the mountain, I had to call it quits. I found a nice rock and read a book I had packed just in case. Everyone else is a much more experienced hiker and in better shape so I knew after really pushing it the day before, I might need to wait part of this out. 

I ended up really enjoying my alone time on the side of the mountain. There's a stream that runs next to the trail almost the whole way so it was really peaceful to sit on a rock by a stream and read. It was so good for my soul and I still feel like I got an amazing experience, even if I didn't make it to the top. Jarrett did and shared his photos with me so I included them as well. I can't wait to go back and try this trail again when I've rested and maybe not done the hardest hike of my life the day before. 

Only one more recap left and that one has lots of food pictures and recommendations for the Fort Collins area so see ya soon friends! 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Up in the Mountains: Hiking Part 1

Welcome friends, to my recap of the vacation I took a month ago! I know, you've been waiting and waiting and it's finally here. My boyfriend and I took a trip to Fort Collins, Colorado at the end of April and it was amazing. We went to Colorado last May and it was my first time there. I quickly fell in love with the mountains and so when we saw cheap plane tickets, we jumped on it. We flew into Denver, got breakfast, then headed towards Boulder since we didn't get to spend much time there last year before heading into Fort Collins for the rest of the trip.  I know you are going to be psyched to hear that I'm splitting this recap into 3 posts. This one covers the two hikes around Boulder we went on. 


We got a recommendation to check out the Flatirons hike at breakfast and it ended up being really cool. In all honesty, I was exhausted from 3 hours of sleep the night before and didn't really properly hike this. I walked up to the tree line before heading back and taking a nap in the car. Jarrett went a little farther than I did but ended up joining me in the car. I did look up this hike later and really regret not giving it my all, because it looks like it was really cool. I'm definitely planning on heading back here on my next trip to Colorado, because let's be real, this is at least a yearly trip for me. 

Bald Mountain

We actually did this hike last year and it was one of my favorites. We wanted another short hike before grabbing lunch and since we knew this one, we hit it up again. I'm so glad we did! There was  a huge snowstorm in this area the weekend before we got here and snowy mountains are kind of my jam, so we got lucky. We were able to enjoy this hike with snow but the weather wasn't so cold that I wasn't uncomfortable in a light hoodie. It's a super easy hike and totally worth it for the killer views of snowy mountains. 

And thus ends the first hiking recap! I'm also really down to hear of any recommended hikes in these areas. I think we agreed that Fort Collins/Colorado trips will happen yearly and I don't want to do the same hikes every time. Stay tuned for part 2! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Jumpsuits and Body Confidence

Hey friends! 

Have you ever seen a trend that you were convinced would not work on your body type? For me it was rompers/jumpsuits. I have what is called an "Apple" shaped body, which means I luckily get to carry all my weight in my stomach and if not dressed in flattering pieces, get asked when my baby is due. It's a real fun time. 

I kept seeing the cutest rompers on everyone of all body types and last summer I went for it and actually loved the way that rompers looked. If you get the right one, it can be super flattering and comfortable. I was still kind of convinced that jumpsuits weren't for me, even after buying and loving like 4 different rompers. Then I saw this black jumpsuit on Modcloth and read the reviews and knew I had to own it. Guys, it feels like pajamas but makes you look like Beyonce. It is the most amazing thing I've ever owned and put on my body. It even has pockets, which all outfits should have, imo. 

I will be the first to admit that I can tend to get stuck in really negative loops about my body. I think it's so easy to see your own flaws and feel like of course every other person you come in to contact with sees them, when really no one at all probably notices. I'm raising daughters and I never want them to have a negative body image, but it's a tough thing to fight against in the world we live in that places so much value on your looks and body. 

I have stretch marks and rolls and have gained a little weight, but I also still look fly as hell almost all the time and none of those things have anything to do with the kind of person I am. I'm not defined by my looks and if I can pull of a jumpsuit of not (which I obviously can). I love taking outfit photos for the blog because it's a boost of self confidence every single time. It's an expression of my style and of who I am as a person. It can be a lot of work to change your mindset on your own body, but it's worth the work to not have the negative voice be as loud or influential as it's been in the past, at least for me personally. 

I guess the lesson is, rock the jumpsuit and tell yourself everyday that you're a boss ass babe and no one can take that from you. I love these photos and I love my jumpsuit and I love my body. Body confidence is kind of like a work in progress to me. Sometimes I struggle but for the most part I know how awesome this body I have is.

Outfit Details 
Jumpsuit (Modcloth) / Vest (Target on clearance) / Shoes (old/only pair of heels I own) / Sunglasses (Forever 21-similar) 

Ok, I know what you are thinking, how can a skinny girl have body confidence issues?  Well friends, being skinny or thin definitely doesn't equal body confidence at all.  As long as I can remember, I was the skinny girl. The shoe string. The anorexic girl. Been told to eat a sandwich. Or that I abuse drugs. The the itty bitty titty committee just got its newest member. I've had people talk about my weight as if being my size was just as alarming as being severely overweight or that I've done something to cause my size.  I've done nothing, this is just me. We all come in different shapes and sizes. 

I'm sure these off hand comments are not meant to have such lasting effects, but the truth is words hurt and can ruin body confidence before you even realize it is something of such importance.

I'll be the first to admit it, I am not a super confident person. I almost always feel awkward and out of place, especially in social situations. It can be really hard for me to come out of my shell and connect with others.  I use fashion as a tool to help build up my body confidence.  When I wearing a very "me" outfit, it really helps boost my confidence and helps me shine as a person. It tears away some of that silly baggage I hold onto and just helps me become a better me.  It allows my inner silliness to come out instead of taking a back seat due to insecurities.  Confidence comes in so many different forms, none of which are more important than others but of which are still all super important.  It's a balancing act. Overall confidence is the dream goal.

As you know, I'm completely obsessed with Friends and the fashion from the 90s.  I just find it so refreshing and different from some of the sexualized clothing of today.  In season 1, Phoebe rocks and epic jumpsuit and I immediately became obsessed with jumpsuits (and overalls, but I digress). I bought one immediately and fell in love with how badass I felt wearing in. In fact, I now own 3 and am always looking to add more to my collection.  At first, I didn't expect to love them so hard, but one-piece outfits are so easy to wear and style and I just feel fly as hell when I wear them.  It is seriously an effortless look.

The girls on Friends are always tying their cardigans around their waist so obviously this has become my new thing.  That and wavy braid hair.  

I think the moral of my body confidence story is, yea, we don't always love our bodies or feel confident in general. But don't for a second think you are a lone ranger in your feelings. We all feel less confident about certain things for all kinds of reasons. Remember your words are powerful and should be used to build others up instead of tearing them down. Let your silliness out, love yourself and just enjoy life the way you are. And twirl. Twirling is the best.

Outfit Details 
Jumpsuit (Forever21) / Cardigan (Target) / Sandals (American Eagle)