Tuesday, November 24, 2015

28 Before 29 {Recap}

Pizza celebration dinner from my 28th birthday

Hello friends! Every year on my birthday I like to make a list of goals to accomplish  before my next birthday. I've been doing this since I was 26 and now that I'm getting ready to turn 29 and close out my 20s, it feels like a really great tradition. I am feeling really reflective this year. I keep going over my list for next year, which I decided to go with a 30 Before 30 instead of sticking with my current format. I keep second guessing my decisions. Are they too silly? Should I put more big things on there? Will I feel accomplished enough by the time I turn 30? I think a big turning point for me was realizing that you don't stop growing as a person at 30. You still have so much potential to do great things. 30 can seem so old when you are 18 and just starting out, like a turning point in adulthood where you should have it all figured out, but I just keep reminding myself, "Girl, chill." My 20s were crazy, amazing, heartbreaking, wonderful. I seriously cannot wait to see what my 30s bring.

Seeing my goal list from last year makes me realize how many things I was able to cross off. Some of the things I didn't get to just don't vibe with me and where I'm at right now. I would love to still learn to knit or make more tintypes, but it wasn't in the cards for me this year. Sometimes I think it's hard to remember things you want to accomplish or work on during the daily grind. I found that printing out my list and keeping it in my planner really helped me evaluate where I was at and what I wanted to do next. It definitely was the inspiration to make an appointment to get my nose pierced last month, and to sit down and make a legit budget recently. Do you make birthday goals? Definitely share with me yours if so!


28 Before 29

1.       See my HAM friends, even if it has to be separately, but ideally all together

*July 2015 we finally got to get together again for the first time in 2 years! It was a blast!


2.       Get a kit for tintypes

*I would still love to do this at some point! Tintypes still have my heart so I would love to get back into making them!



3.       Stick to a monthly budget

*I'm counting this, even though budgeting is new to me. It's the most excited I've ever been about money



4.       Get a tattoo

*On the fence about this one.



5.       Save $1000 for emergencies

*This is a goal for 2016 for sure, but I don't think I will carry it over as a birthday goal



6.       Update my bedroom (new bed frame& sheets/blankets please!)

*I still really want to do this, but since I'm moving in with my boyfriend in a few months, we are planning on updating a lot of things together



7.       Learn to knit

*I will conquer this eventually!



8.       Go to a new winery

*I went to a new winery a few times this summer. The wine was great each time!



9.       Host Friendsgiving or Friendsmas

* I actually talked to Jen about making doing a Friendsgiving next year! I really do think it would be so so fun!



10.   Watch at least 15 movies that were nominated for Oscars

*My boyfriend is really into Oscar movies so last year we watched almost all of them and then tried to guess the winners. I am the reigning champ so I will have to defend my title again this year!



11.   Go back to school

*I'm still undecided if this is something I want to do. It's always in the back of my mind but I'm not sure if I will ever figure out what to go to school for



12.   Shoot one roll of film per month

*I would love to shoot more film but I have barely picked up my digital camera this year! Maybe next year I'll add film back into my goals



13.   Read 8 classic books

*I forgot about this goal until the end of the year and my book load right now is way too full to fit this in unfortunately. I might carry this over to next year too.



14.   Start a book blog with Jen

*Obviously completed since you are reading this on said blog! I'm so happy we were finally able to get this started



15.   Complete 3 quilts

*I actually only completed 2 but I'm still counting this as completed because the Halloween quilt was no joke to work on!



16.   Work out at least 3 times a week

*In August I ran a mile every day. I haven't kept this up, but in August it was awesome to really push myself to complete a goal I set for myself



17.   Take a family vacation

*in August we went to Lake of the Ozarks to visit my boyfriend Jarrett's dad at his lake house. It was a blast and the girls were a fan of lake living for the weekend



18.   Get family pictures taken by Grace

*I didn't even get to see my friend Grace this year (she lives in NC). I would love to get updated family photos and I would love for Grace to take them eventually.



19.   Go to a state I’ve never been to

*Colorado stole my heart this year guys! I am already trying to talk Jarrett into taking me back asap!

20.   Complete a Project 52

*I have one planned for next year that I really think I'm going to love.



21.   Go on more hikes

*Done and done. Colorado was basically nothing but hiking. We also have went once or twice a month in the state park close to us.



22.   Print out pictures to hang at home

*I printed out a bunch, but still need frames and things. I do have a corkboard that I have used to display my favorites



23.   Get my nose pierced

*I did it! I got this done in the beginning of October. I'm in love with my nose ring. Plus it makes me feel really cool and hip.



24.   Get a passport

*Another goal I'm carrying over. I have no plans to travel overseas but I do think a passport would be handy to have.



25.   Get a French press

*I am obsessed with my French press. It's one of the best things I ever bought, along with investing in good, local coffee.



26.   Go antiquing in Springfield with Jen

*This is on the books for 2016!



27.   Get a library card

*Done! However, I don't use it as much as I could. The library in my town does not have the best/newest selection



28.   Try one new restaurant a month

*This was my favorite birthday goal and I crushed it. Some months we were trying to find a place on the last day of the month, but I was able to try somewhere new every month and found a ton of restaurants that are now favorites!




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