Friday, October 9, 2015

Jen's Fall Wishlist


It has finally started cooling off here so it is time to change the clothes around and add a few new key pieces to my fall wardrobe!  Fall is my favorite season with all the great layering opportunities; tights, socks, boots, scarves and cardis so I'm really excited for the season change.  Because fall is my favorite season for fashion and really just in general, I've decided to only put fashion type things on my fall wishlist and apparently wine and olive colors are my jam this season.

Also, making wishlists can be tricky because it opens you up to temptation and feelings of "I NEED these things" and therefore I have crossed #4 and #5 off my fall wishlist. In fact, I ordered #5 in two different colors. 

What are you must-haves this season? I'd love some outsider fashion inspiration!


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