Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Traditions

It probably doesn't surprise anyone that we have a Halloween tradition since we are super into Halloween and fall in general.   Only recently have I learned to be able to laugh in the face of horror movies, mostly due to the Heather helping me realize how silly they really are.  But my all time favorite Halloween movie has always been and will always be Hocus Pocus.  Since it is super tame I thought it would be a good tradition to start with Emily and Morgan.  We started this tradition when they were only 2 and it has been going strong ever since. Since I don't have any kids of my own, I really enjoy spending time and doing things with E & M.  They are seriously the coolest kids I know.

Since we've started this tradition, I've been jonesing to add a holiday themed craft to our movie watching.  The girls are now 5 and in kindergarten so their attention spans have increased and they are much better able to sit still and make it through and entire activity.  I decided to go with a bookish themed Halloween craft to coincide with our book club.  Plus I'm happy to report Heather is raising these girls to love books too!

Book Pumpkins:

Glow in the Dark Mod Podge
Paint Brushes
Newspaper/book (I chose newspaper simply because it worked well with clean up)

The first step is to tear the paper into smallish strips. E can shred paper like a boss.

Next, let the kids go crazy painting the pumpkins with Mod Podge and then start layering the strips of paper onto the pumpkin.  It will take a few layers to completely cover the pumpkins.  You may even end up with fingers glued together. It's all part of the fun experience.

I love how enthralled they were with this project.  It was like nothing else in the world existed which really is part of the beauty of crafting.  

I think if we would have used a book instead of a newspaper the pumpkins would have turned out looking a little more bookish but the girls had a blast so I don't even care how they turned out. I think they are still super cute and I proudly display them on my tv stand next to my zombie gnomes. I'm just going to enjoy being cool "Auntie" Jen for a little bit and giggle about how Emily called me a Hipster in the midst of this pumpkin book craft!

Once we were finished and got everyone cleaned up, we piled on the couch to finish the movie.  I hope this is a tradition that continues until the girls decide we aren't cool enough to hang out with and then we will probably still force them to participate.  

Since E & M enjoyed the Halloween crafting so much (glow in the dark stuff is cool, yah know?) we've decided to start Christmas crafting traditions with them too which I am really looking forward too. A day of watching Christmas movies, baking cookies and doing a craft is in our future so stay tuned! How crazy is it that it is almost the holiday season? Slow down Fall!


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lazy Sunday

Pizza sweaters and cat sweaters, oh my! But seriously, we have our sweater game on lock people. Jen and I got together to finish up some quilts on a lazy Sunday a few weeks ago and since we live 20 minutes apart, we also decided to take some outfit posts at the same time. Sweater themed outfit posts. I now own 4 different pizza themed shirts and I am not mad about it. My kids also tagged along, bringing comic relief in the form of trying to scale walls while we took outfit photos. Their photos are also in black and white since they dressed themselves and it was a hot mess. Mom life, ya know?

 Outfit posts are some of my favorite we do personally. It might seem kind of weird to some people. I wouldn't claim to be a model or someone that a lot of people look at and think "fashion blogger". I love clothes and love putting together outfits, but the biggest benefit I get from these posts is a boost in self confidence. It's so easy to get really down on yourself and the way you look. I often find myself fixating on things that I think are wrong with me or things I think look bad and I'm sure the world is in on the joke. Like of course everyone notices all my flaws because it's all I can see. Lately I've gained about 10-15 pounds and it's all I can see when I look in my mirror. Then we do outfit posts and just when I'm sure that all my flaws are front and center, I look at these pictures and feel beautiful and confident again. Sure, we are showing you cute outfits we have and links to where you can get them too, but honestly these posts are for us. Sharing them with the world on a blog we love is just a bonus. 

I really feel like self love and self confidence is a journey. It's something we work on all the time. I'm just never going to be someone who is mega confident all the time. I think most people feel that way. I don't even think that the things we worry about on the daily are things most other people even notice. I do work on the way I talk to myself and about myself because I never want my kids to feel like they shouldn't be proud of the kind of people they are. Which might be good advice. Would you talk to your kid the way you talk to yourself? Or just someone you love? I know not everyone has kids but pick someone you love and when you think about yourself and your "flaws" think if you would say those things to someone you love. Probably not right? I don't think this is a revolutionary way of looking at things but it can't help to repeat it here. 

My loves <3

This post is a little more personal and introspective than we usually are. I do think it's important to do things that make you feel confident. Take all the selfies you want or run marathons or get really into learning about wine. Whatever you need to do to feel like the bad ass lady (or fella) you are. We are more than the way we look but it doesn't hurt to want to feel beautiful sometimes too. 


Thanks for sticking around friends! These cozy sweater outfits were fun to put together and also comfortable to sew in. Hopefully the feminist body positive confidence rant was something you could possibly relate to as well! Thanks for reading friends! 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

10 Halloween Movies that Wont' Scare Your Pants Off (Probably)

Halloween is obviously my jam. Horror movies top almost all my lists and nothing gets me more pumped this time of the year than a horror movie marathon. However, not everyone loves to celebrate the most spooky time of year by watching horror movies. Jen is one of these people and she inspired me to create another list of movies, this time ones that will put you in the holiday mood without scaring your pants off. It was just as much fun coming up with this list and actually a little easier than I thought. I also used my twins as inspiration for adding a few of these movies, since if a 5 year old can watch it so can you! Enjoy this list of Halloween type faves to get you ready for Halloween next week!

1. Hocus Pocus
Is this not at the top of everyone's list this time of the year? Does everyone not want to grab their friends and dress up as the Sanderson sisters?  This movie is one of the best Halloween movies aroun and if you aren't watching it every year you are missing out. It's campy and hilarious with a musical number. We actually have a yearly tradition to get together with my girls to watch Hocus Pocus. We are on year 4 and I look forward to watching it every year. 

2. Casper

I remember loving this movie when I was younger! The brothers were hilarious and I wanted to live in that huge spooky mansion with a cool ghost friend. Obviously I had realistic dreams for my future. The ghost brothers (uncles? I need to watch this again!) were hilarious and I think everyone can relate to moving to a new place and trying to make friends (that aren't ghosts).

3. Hotel Transylvania

Dracula builds a hotel where all his monster friends can vacation in peace but then a human finds it and wacky hijinks ensue? Awesome. This has been a big hit in my house for the past two years and is definitely one I think adults would enjoy as well as kids

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

The big debate: do you watch this at Halloween or Christmas? Obviously you watch it for both! Tim Burton could have most of his movies on this list. Jack Skellington discovers Christmas and tries to turn his Halloween town into a Christmas wonderland with disastrous results.

5. Ghostbusters

Fun fact about me: my mom went into labor with me while watching Ghostbusters. This movie is a classic anytime but there's something about a bunch of guys hunting down ghosts that just fits this time of year. I'm also looking forward to the all female reboot. It's about time some ladies got to hunt down so ghosts too.

6. Halloweentown

This Disney channel movie was a staple in my house growing up. Any time it came on my sisters and I were on board. Another fun one for kids who like Halloween but also don't want to be sacred all night long.

7. Coraline

Another Tim Burton movie, this movie can verge on the creepy side of things especially towards the end. But my 5 year olds love it , even with the button eye impostors, so I think that means you can watch it if easily scared.

8. Beetlejuice

Another classic for any time you want to watch it, this movie is so fun to watch around Halloween time. Plus classic Alec Baldwin being all handsome and stuff. Another on that my kids loved, and if you can't get behind Michael Keaton, striped suits, and musical dinner numbers, well I just can't help you. Also features my second dream costume which is when Barbara stretches her head and her eyes are in her mouth.

9. Shaun of the Dead

Any of the movies with Simon Pegg are winners in my book, but this horror comedy about zombies is my favorite. It's fun to watch a group of people kind of know that there is a zombie apocalypse happening but still act like they can solve it and move on easily. The fact that they think they can ride out a zombie apocalypse in a pub is just hilarious.

10. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Another horror comedy about two friends wanting to relax in their hunting shack and then teens keeping dying in freak accidents, which makes it look like the hunting buddies are murdering them. Definitely one to check out if you like slasher films but want to laugh more than you scream.


Now you have 20 movies between 2 lists to get you ready for Halloween next week! Let me know if you have something that you love to watch that I didn't add to the list! Happy watching friends! 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Halloween Quilts

After a year and a half of hard work, Halloween quilts are complete! One of my favorite things about being friends with Jen is planning projects to make together. This is our 3rd project we've done together in the past 3 years. Previously we crocheted a hexagon blanket and a book quilt (which we will feature sometime soon!). This project is my favorite so far! I feel like I've finally hit my groove with quilting and can tell I'm making less mistakes and everything came together more polished than I had hoped. I also really love that we picked a theme and both did our own take on it. 

Jen used more traditional Halloween fabric, which I loved. There's a cat fabric in here that I'm obsessed with! Jen has been quilting for so much longer than me, I'm always so impressed with how she pulls things together. 

For my quilt I had found some awesome zombie fabric that I decided to just make the theme of my quilt. I kept running out of muslin in gray and white (it was sold out when I went to buy more both times!) so that's where the orange came in, but I actually love the way the orange kind of ties it all together. I like it so much more than how I originally planned it out in my head! It's funny how things work out like that sometimes. 

These things are by far the biggest quilts I've ever made or worked on, but I think the trick is to break it up into steps. It's also really fun to have someone to work on this with. I loved the days we would get together and work on cutting fabric and then piecing it all together. Projects like this are a great way to make something new while also staying close with your best friend. I'm so glad I have Jen to always work on crafty things with me! 

Any seasonal projects on your list this year? We have a few others we want to get to before we start working on Christmas gifts! 


Monday, October 12, 2015

Heather's Fall Wishlist


My fall wishlist is a little lighter on clothes than expected! The past few months I've splurged a little more than I usually do so I am pretty set on fall staples at the moment. I've got some new booties, some plaid shirts and dresses and some new scarves once it gets really chilly. I've been trying to really kind of figure out my personal style and adding tings to my wardrobe that really fits into that. 

My wishlist is a little of everything. I actually bought numbers 7 and 8 already and love them both to pieces! I'm also feeling pumpkin anything and think on my shopping trip with Jen this weekend I'm going to pick up some candles at Bath and Body Works. I also am still obsessed with that mug but my mug collection is a little out of control at the moment so I'm trying to get rid of some mugs before adding new ones! Also, how cute is that Parks and Rec themed phone case? I need it! 

What is one your wishlist this fall? 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Jen's Fall Wishlist


It has finally started cooling off here so it is time to change the clothes around and add a few new key pieces to my fall wardrobe!  Fall is my favorite season with all the great layering opportunities; tights, socks, boots, scarves and cardis so I'm really excited for the season change.  Because fall is my favorite season for fashion and really just in general, I've decided to only put fashion type things on my fall wishlist and apparently wine and olive colors are my jam this season.

Also, making wishlists can be tricky because it opens you up to temptation and feelings of "I NEED these things" and therefore I have crossed #4 and #5 off my fall wishlist. In fact, I ordered #5 in two different colors. 

What are you must-haves this season? I'd love some outsider fashion inspiration!


Thursday, October 8, 2015

10 Scary Movies to Watch this October

Horror movies are my jam, especially a good slasher film or 80s horror. 9 times out of 10 if you ask me to pick a movie I will pick a scary one. Year round, I am always down for a good old horror movie marathon, but the best time of year to scare your pants off is October. This year I actually started in September and would watch 2-3 horror movies while finishing up my Halloween quilt. It can be frustrating to be a horror fan since a lot of what you watch is not great or only ok, but if you are willing to slog through some duds, you really can find some gems out there. I thought it would be fun to pick 10 scary movies that I really enjoy and genuinely thought were creepy. So grab some wine, cozy up on the couch, and get ready to scare your face off!

1. Cabin in the Woods 
I saw this movie in theaters with my sister when Avengers was sold out. What a wonderful coincidence! I now own this movie and actually have watched it multiple times in one day before. Five friends going to a cabin in the woods seems like everything we've seen before but Joss Whedon once again proves he is the best by coming up with this really cool twist on the horror genre. I don't want to give too much away but it's genuinely scary and funny and basically the perfect celebration of the genre. 

2. Scream
My personal favorite slasher series on this list. I have watched the Scream movies more times that I can count. I will always have a special place in my heart for Freddy, Jason, and Michael Myers but Ghostface has my whole heart. This Wes Craven classic really did kind of rewrite the genre in a fun way that wasn't done before. Maybe fun campy genre busting horror is my thing? Anyway, it's worth it for the 90s nostalgia and opening Drew Barrymore scene alone. 

3. Grave Encounters
I actually found this movie on a list of horror movies available on Netflix last year and watched it with my roommate. It was terrifying. A found footage horror movie that is basically a movie about if interesting things actually happened on ghost hunting shows. Seriously creepy and probably not one you want to watch alone. 

4. Nightmare on Elm St.
A serious classic. Freddy is my #2 boo right behind Ghostface. A few years ago my friend Jesse and I watched all the Nightmare on Elm Street movies and this once again shows what a genius Wes Craven is. If you haven't seen this classic, definitely add it to your watchlist. In my opinion it's even worth a rewatch if it's been awhile since you've seen it. 

5. As Above So Below
Another found footage horror film, this was so surprising with how interesting and enjoyable it was. Found footage films have kind of saturated the horror genre and I feel like this one was different enough to stand out. It was creepy and the alchemy backstory was interesting. Along with the locations, it was a serious stand out for me. 

6. It Follows
This is one of the creepiest movies I've seen in a long time. It was very unsettling and I actually had a nightmare after watching it (are you sold on it yet?). Even my boyfriend, who mostly only tolerates my horror obsession, was genuinely freaked out by this movie. I loved that there was not a use of "jump scares" which can really annoy me when overused. Maybe one of the best movies I've seen this year. 

7. Freddy vs. Jason
As slasher movies go, I don't think this one is very critically acclaimed as being a must see. However, I found this to be just a fun movie that pits two of the classics against each other. I didn't think the premise of how these two came together was cheesy or  as unrealistic as it could have been. This probably won't scare you as much as some of the others, but if you are a fan of Freddy and/or Jason, you'll enjoy this one for sure.

8. You're Next
Another kind of twist on the genre, this movie actually caused my to throw wine in fear (yes, this is a thing). However, it was really cool that they kind of changed the game on how the Final Girl is usually used while also being creepy. This is one in the same vein as Cabin in the Woods so if you like horror that kind of changes the rules as we know them, you'll like this one. 

9. The Babadook
A single mother and her son find a creepy book that brings the boogey man into their lives? Awesome. I found out about this one when Stephen King tweeted about it last year and if the King says it's good, you can't go wrong. This was another one my boyfriend really enjoyed and he doesn't enjoy many of the horror movies I make him watch. 

10. Sinister 
This is another movie I watched with my roommate last year that was genuinely unsettling. An author finds home movies in his attic depicting grisly murders of families after he moves his family into a house that one of the said grisly murders was committed at. This movie shows you some really creepy stuff and has kind of a steady build where you just feel the intensity just ramp up until the very scary end. 


P.S. I know that Friday the 13th and Jennifer's Body aren't on my list. I actually DO own at least 3 movies on this list, but in my hurry to take the picture for this post, I did not look very hard at the movies on my shelf. However, I still feel that Friday the 13th and Jennifer's Body are solid choices to add to the list.